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Upload Youtube Videos with Youtube Virtuemart Extension

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Youtube Virtuemart Plugin was born to satisfy the increasing demand of many online shop-owners for making their shop much more active, attractive and illustrative as well as helping the customers deeply understand  about their websites and products. This extension perfectly compatible with Joomla will enable you to display any Youtube video into a product description page without much effort, thus, let’s have a look at some Youtube Virtuemart Plugin available on the market now and then decide which is the best for your shop.

  • HexSys Youtube Videos for Virtuemart by wdmtech

HexSys Youtube Videos for Virtuemart Plugin allows the shop owner to embed Youtube videos into Virtuemart product detail page using Virtuemart Product Custom Fields. You can simply add Youtube embed link inside textfield which are generated with this plugin, furthermore you can display the video at product detail page at Bottom/Top/Middle positions.

Main features:
– Easy embed YouTube videos into product detail page.
– Simple and Flexible Youtube Video solution for Virtuemart Products.
– Lightweight.
– Works in all modern browsers.
– Just pasting a Youtube embed link in a custom field.
– Video size controlling option eg Height and Width.
– Option to control video full size screen.
– Very flexible to every change.
– Full documentation


Main features
– Just pasting a YouTube link in a custom field
– Show YouTube title, custom title or no title
– Show YouTube video description
– Player settings: width, height, border, autoplay, recent videos, titel, control bar, YouTube theme
– Multilingual: Show the video on each language or only on a specific language

Main features

– It is a custom plugin of virtuemart, add youtube videos to detail product page.
– It has many options for configuration
– Supports Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.0.x

How to use JMS Youtube Virtuemart

Go to Virtuemart component, then go to Custom fiels list, creat new with: Custom Field Type field is Plug-ins, Title field is “Embed youtube” , and Select a plug-in field is Vmcustom-JMSYoutube, other fields as default. Then click Save button for saving this custom field.


  • Youtube Virtuemart Plugin by Cmsmart

For this Youtube plugin Virtuemart extension, all you need to to is to install the plugin normally like a Joomla plugin then simply copy and paste a Youtube link into a product description. It doesn’t require you to be hacking. The Virtuemart extension is compatible with all Virtuemart versions and works in custom fields of Virtuemart version 2 xxx

How to install Virtuemart Youtube plugin for use?

Step 1: Download the plugin and install it like a Joomla installation
Step 2: Enable the plugin in Joomla administration
Step 3: Go to Virtuemart -> Products -> Custom Field -> Create a new field and give it a name as “Youtube” -> choose Youtube plugin in the section “Selet a plugin” -> Save.
From Step 1 to 3: Your installation and configuration are at once. You don’t need to perform them again.
Step 4: Go to a product -> Custom Field -> Here, you choose Youtube from the Custom Field list -> Copy Youtube URL -> Type the title -> Adjust the width and height for Youtube video if it’s necessary -> Save. Finally, Youtube video will be displayed on the product description page


For all similarities and differences of all mentioned products, Youtube virtuemart plugin developed by Cmsmart team seems to the perfect choice because of both its advanced features and professional custom -care service of Cmsmart. If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to contact us through sale@csmart.net, our custom- support team are willing to solve any your wonders.