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Why Online Shoppers Abandon Their Carts at the First Step of Checkout Process?

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Why most online shoppers don’t past the first step of checkout?


This is the last step to complete a purchase. Have one thing that we should pay attention is there are many customers who abandon their carts right from the first step of checkout. There are many causes of this problem. But the highest level of cart abandonment at the very first step of the checkout caused by the break in the experience from cart to checkout. This makes disconnect for customers when they go to the checkout page and has something just doesn’t feel right.


Funnel based on a 3-month average at CleanProgram.com – before optimizing… 


Funnel based on a 3-month average at CleanProgram.com – 3 months after…

This article we will learn about 4 user experience (UX) which need for the best checkout process. You can use these tips to reduce the number of customers who abandon their carts and also improve the conversion rates up to 5%.

#Tear down the “sign-in” barrier

Most checkout processes start with some questions like: Are you new? Do you have an account? If forgot your passwords? Follow this link.

So, if they are returning customers, then they probably need to sign-in to continue the checkout process. If they are a new customer, normally, there are 2 options for them. They can choose to create a new account or continue to check out as a guest. So, we can see that each option creates an unnecessary disconnect between the user and their goal – buying the product. And in fact, 30% of users abandoned their cart when asked to register up front.

We can solve that problem with a few programming tricks, we can figure out who the customer is by checking their email address. If an email address was registered in our system, then we can recognize that it’s a returning customer. Now, let’s offer them a way to log in if it helps them checkout faster or a way for returning customers to log in while allowing the rest to continue into the checkout. This will make the shopping process does not interrupt and asks fewer customers.

#Provide a progress indicator

The checkout process may not same in all websites. Some site has one step, some have three or maybe up to 6 steps in some sites. The checkout process should be clearest as possible. But in some sites, the checkout page without progress indicator may cause difficulties for some customers. For example, when customers have a mistake, then they don’t know where they need to go back to correct the information.

So, displayed the progress indicator will make your checkout process more clearly, helps customers finishing the checkout steps easier.

#Match the checkout with your site’s look and feel

The checkout page is one page of your site, so you shouldn’t make a visual disconnect between the checkout page and the rest of your site. A slightly different background color, a varied font type or size, or even a new “next” button can throw off the experience and make customers abandon their carts right at the first step.

You should synchronization a visual look from Cart Page or Product Page with your checkout page. By maintaining exact styles and keeping an identical look and feel, you can prevent visitors from feeling visually alarmed and make them feel safe in finishing their purchases.

#Don’t get ahead of yourself

Almost website owners asked customers to fill in their billing information first, even before they are asked for their shipping information or preferred shipping method. It’s maybe a mistake because this can make customers do not feel comfortable. Customers always care about when and where they will be receiving their product and want to know those details before providing payment details. The retailers should make their customers feel that their needs are most important by aligning with the customers’ priorities.


Above are 4 user experience tips that will impact the performance of the checkout process and improve the conversion rates. I hope that through this article, you can find useful information for you!

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