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What’s new in One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 5.0.0

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For those who are using virtuemart to build e-commerce sites, surely that they have to heard the name One Page Checkout Virtuemart Extension at least one time. This is a very useful extension for the online store; it helps reduced checkout steps from 3 steps to only in 1 page. The use of this extension will help you can increase sales up to 70%.


In marketplace, there are many OPC Extensions in marketplace but One Page Checkout Virtuemart Extension from CMSmart is the best extension. Undergo many version updates, this one page checkout extension has been trusted and used by thousands of customers. And now, the latest version of this extension has been released. That is One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 5.0.0.

Here is the big update was invested a lot by Cmsmart’s team and version 5.0.0 promises that will bring to customers the breakthrough features. Besides the features that made the name of CMSmart One Page Checkout Virtuemart, in new version (v5), the performance will be improved up to 50%. In this article, we’ll discover about the new update of one page checkout virtuemart extension 5.0.0

Firstly, let’s see new update from technical side:

  • Using API of Joomla and Virtuemart to handle data
  • Using JQuery version 1.11.2 to handle tabs, pop up and other effects
  • Using JQuery – UI: drag and drop in one page backend interface, input of date, time…
  • Ajax help move an update data
  • Using CSS – CSS3 to build up layout and effects
  • Building the layout with HTML, HTML5

According to CMSmart’s Team, these technical improvements will makes this extension work smoother and improving performance a lot.

And there are the new functions from One Page Checkout Virtuemart 5.0.0

  • Adding Anti- Spam function
  • Rendering back-end’s interface
  • Support all standard VirtueMart Shipment and Payment Methods
  • Supports auto coupon by 3rd party such as AWO Coupons
  • 8 color picker available
  • Visual editor: Free for clients to drag and drop modules and change their positions to form the frontend’s appearance.
  • Configuring general functions: Loading CSS, JS, JQuery – UI frontend
  • Customized Colors: Every module can be changed colors, background colors, text, and font integrated with the visual editor.
  • Sort Fields: Loading fields that available for Bill to, Ship To and allowed customers to drag and drop, to order their positions without going to Virtuemart choose files and change every field.
  • Modules supported: There are more modules in one page checkout like delivery date, banner, custom HTML
  • Multiple languages supported: Translated automatically into popular languages and regions of buying frequency like: English, French, German, Poland, Portuguese.
  • Loading Google Font
  • Used font icons instead of images

As we can see above, there are many new features have been updated in version 5.0. However, to use the new features by the most effective way, now I’ll show you how to use them.

1/ How to use Visual layout:

  • Please go to Administrator → Component → VM manager → One page checkout
  • Click tab Visual layouts
  • Drag and Drop modules from the left to change layouts of one page checkout. Adding modules from the right to the left is possible. Every module appears once and unrepeated, you can also resize module.
  • To remove module in the layout: hover over module and click icons delete.

2/ How to Custom style for module

  • Lets you customize the color, background color, font family, font size… of module
  • In the tab Visual layout. Hover over module and click icons config
  • Pop-up window will appear. Please click tab “Style”.
  • Sample color: choose colors from color board and customize if you want.
  • Title Style: Enable to change the color, background and size of font of Title
  • Content Style : Enable to change the color, background and size of font of Content

3/ Custom features for module

Allow to customize some functions of modules

  • Module Bill to & Module Ship To: These are two modules including buyer address and customer address. You can customize the order displaying of the fields in the Bill To and Ship To.
  • Module Login: This is module which contains the log-in form. You can customize to use pop-up form or not in this module.
  • Module Delivery: This module enables customers to import delivery date
  • A Required field: Activate on if you require customers to enter date and time for delivery before confirming an order
  • Date format: Allowing you to adjust the format of the delivery date. Refer here
  • Holidays: Choosing holidays in week. Customer cannot choose these days for delivery
  • Delivery date type: Choose a fixed delivery date or an interval. Use “Fixed Date” or Use “From To”
  • Delivery time: Active it if you want your customers import hour of delivery
  • Delivery time type: Allowing customers to choose the fixed time or a period of delivery time. Use “Fixed Time” or “Use From To”
  • Module Banner: Allowing you to insert an image into the interface of one page Checkout. You can optionally show the title and you can name the title – How do you choose images: Click “Select” > Choosing any image and click on ‘’Select’’ (You can upload a new image. Click on Tap upload)
  • Module Custom HTML: Allowing you to insert a HTML document into the interface of One Page Checkout. You can name the title and enable it display or not. There is an editor to embed HTML.

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