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What Makes Checkout Process Easier for Customers?

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When the customer has decided to buy a product and go to the checkout step. Now, your job is to help them complete the checkout process as quickly as possible. If you want to do so, ask a few of them as possible.

Normally, the online store owners always think that optimize checkout is simply trying to reduce the number of steps in the checkout, and then we have “One step” checkouts. However, a simple one-step checkout has no different from a five-step checkout if we are not really optimized way to enter information. Customers still need to fill in all information; the change is that they enter input from 5 pages to 1 page. To learn more about how we can actually make checkout becoming more convenient with users, read 4 unique areas that the checkout can do the work for the customers below:

1. City, State, and Country

Like when we send a letter with envelopes, we should fill in some info of address like the city, state, and country. Checkout of an e-commerce site also asks for an address, we are familiar with that and cannot reject that it reduces the chance for errors. But, we can deduce information and categorize relationships into tables, and then we can use that to optimize the format of the fields.

We can use the information available to us in order to streamline customer input by moving the zip code form to the front of the address form. When a customer inserts zip code, we can use free lookup tables and match the exact values for the city, state, and country via lookup zip code. So, customers can save a lot of time by not having to fill up the rest of the address info.

Credit Card Type

To validate a credit card, the payment providers need to know the type of credit card. That’s why there are many checkouts asking for the credit card type upfront along with the credit card number, expiration date, and the 3- to 4-digit CVV (card verification value) number.

But, the same as the zip code, the credit card type can be calculated by the credit card number itself. All credit cards from the common providers (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc…) always follow the same pattern. So, we can use an algorithm to calculate the credit card type based solely on the first few digits of a user’s credit card. Some checkouts are doing this like Google Checkout and GitHub.

Returning Customers

Most checkouts always start with some questions like: “Are you new here?”, “You have an account or not? Click this link to register or follow this link if you forgot your account”. This is a thing that makes many customers feel uncomfortable.

Besides allows customers can check out as a guest, we can check user’s email address automatically in the store’s database. If the record exists, we can fill up info of customers which saved in a database; customers don’t need to enter their info again. And if not, a login prompt can appear.

Shipping Method

Normally, customers always choose the shipping option which is the most inexpensive. So, if store owners can choose the default shipping method for the cheapest one, the checkout will do the work of filling in yet another form for the user.


Above are 4 areas in the checkout process that you can optimize to help customers can complete their purchases with ease. Moreover, if you looking for a complete solution to create a perfect checkout process, the One Page Checkout Extension for Joomla Virtuemart is a perfect choice. With this extension, customers can finish their purchases in only one-page. It also provides you many outstanding features like: ajax login, responsive design, freely to customize, etc… Click this button below for more info:

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