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VM delivery date extension- a managing-shop Joomla plugin

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As we know, Delivery date is among the greatest extensions from Virtuemart giving the best satisfaction in shopping activities as customers can decide the exact date or  the period of time for delivery from a calender window, even some extensions supports a list of locations to make delivery more convenient. Apart from high compatibility with Joomla versions, delivery date extension also allows a customizable back-end such as the function of blocking date on annual holidays or including the required delivery date in customers’orders. Let’s look around to get more details about this extension in the competitive market now.

1. VirtueMart Delivery Date and Time Extension by Polished Geek

This Delivery module has been designed for those who require advanced delivery timeslot management features in their VirtueMart checkout workflow inside of Joomla. It provides a far greater range of delivery features, plus a more user-friendly frontend than just adding a date picker field to the checkout process.

Perfect for VirtueMart stores that provide:

  • Flower delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Catering delivery
  • Balloon or gift basket delivery
  • Any other type of delivery service


  • Up to ten (10) different timeslot time ranges
  • Limit the number of deliveries accepted per timeslot
  • Cutoff times for advance ordering, per timeslot
  • Charge one price for a total purchase less than a certain total purchase threshold amount, and another price when the customer purchase is over that amount
  • Free Delivery option
  • Configure number of weeks in advance to schedule deliveries
  • Up to twenty (20) excluded dates (holidays, vacations and other non-delivery days)
  • Define different cutoff times for advance ordering if prior day is an excluded date (avoid having your staff overwhelmed the day after a holiday)
  • Delivery date and time included on the VM order for customer and admin viewing, just like any other VM shipping module selection
  • Configure font size for headers and labels
  • Configure your own colors for each timeslot state (Available, Not Offered, Full, Selected)

In configutation, there are options available for custom stying

  • You may choose the font size for:
    • Title/Header text
    • Time slot Labels (where times are shown on left)
    • Date Labels (where dates are shown above each day’s column)
  • You may choose the custom colors for:
    • Calendar grid (table) border
    • Text font
    • Table background
    • Available delivery time slots that a customer may choose (green is recommended)
    • Not Offered (unavailable) delivery time slots, where delivery is not enabled or the date is an Excluded Date (gray is recommended)
    • Full delivery time slots – delivery is offered at this time, but the customer cannot select it because the max quota number of deliveries has been reached (red is recommended, or the same gray as Not Offered)
    • Selected timeslot – the color that will be displayed when the customer clicks on a timeslot and selects a delivery time (yellow is recommended)
  • Custom CSS – a text area field is provided for entering CSS overrides if desired

Front-end display

Back-end display

2. VM delivery date extension by Cmsmart

Being born to satisfy the increasing demand of online shop-owners for managing delivery schedules, Cmsmart Virtuemart team has tried the best to develop Virtuemart delivery date extension. This Joomla plugin allows admin to define date and time available for delivery while customers would be able to choose delivery dates, delivery time and delivery locations in a list during their checkout process.

The delivery date extension is a Joomla plugin but works exclusively for Virtuemart. After installing the plugin like a normal Joomla extension, you will activate the plugin. Then when your customers make the checkout process, they have a choice of an accurate date or a period of time for product delivery and both are available from a calendar window. What’s more, time slider allows buyers to choose the exact time of delivery in hour or even minute as well.

Apart from a convenient selection of delivery date, virtuemart delivery date extension also supports a list of delivery locations which is customizable in back-end to improve your customers’ satisfaction as much as possible.

In addtion, it’s up to you, as an admin, to enable or disable delivery time function. If you choose to show this function, you can customize it suitablely for your shop and even block dates for annual holidays to prevent buyers from selecting these days. Another advanced feature is the required delivery dates to be shown in customers’ orders for easier navigation.

Besides, numerous other enjoyable details are also available:

  • Select delivery date in a calendar window on the checkout page
  • Select delivery location in time/location list, admin can change values if it’s necessary
  • No need to login the website but it’s still able to choose delivery date and delivery location
  • Administrators can see the required delivery dates in customers’ orders.
  • Delivery date will be displayed on the email of order confirmation
  • The plugin will save delivery date/time in Virtuemart’s order database.
  • Admin can set up delivery time as a require part in the checkout process
  • Display settings: icon, title, label
  • Input a list of blocked dates
  • Allow admin to block dates for annual holidays

With Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart, you don’t have to change Virtuemart code. You can update Virtuemart anytime you want. This plugin is compatible with Joomla 2.5.x and Virtuemart 2.x.x.