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Vivid Experience with Zoom Plug-in for Virtuemart User

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Virtuemart is one of e-commerce platforms being preferred more than ever in this technology era. There are millions of Internet users downloading them and being completely satisfied with their business results. It can say that Virtuemart is an excellent platform for both users and developers because it permits to create enormous extensions being compatible with different Joomla versions. Virtuemart fantastic extensions have been being researched and developed in unity with Virtuemart principles bringing a greater experience for customers.

One such extension is Virtuemart product zoom plug-in with the help of a pop-up window creating an elegant appearance for your online store.

  • B2J Product zoom LITE provided by Bang2Joom allows customer to have a larger view of product image enhancing the user interaction effectively. The zoom image is displayed in a pop-up window whenever you hovers the product image instead of adjusting by zoom in and out slide bar before. Moreover, the product zoom view extension brings various view corners without limiting image vertically or horizontally.

Aquarious product zoom

  • Another zoom-in extension developed by the CMsmart team, a new leading supplier for Virtuemart and Magento market is considered as a must have item for e-commerce. The product also allows displaying zoom image with a hidden window that doesn’t take up too much space on site, moreover the window size is totally customizable.

CMsmart Zoom effect extension Virtuemart

However, it is highly appreciated because of being packed with product package. The package provides quick view extension helping customer not only to see zoom images but also to read some brief details of the product without accessing to product details page. Basically, the extension is much more interesting with a full product package.

Virtuemart zoomer image plug-in Cmsmart

If you plan to transform your website completely appealing to maximum number of potential buyers to your e-store, then you should use it. This nice function has been gradually a dominant element for online stores such as fashion, furniture, jewelry, tool store and so on. Undoubtedly, a fiercely competitive market has not waiting for out of date runners.