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Virtuemart Reward Points Download

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Reward Points extension manages loyalties and points in Virtuemart 2 (also available for vm1.1.x). Earn points from orders or product points and use points to discount new orders. It can also build a professional “credit points system*” fotolia-like (*optional with Credit points plugin) to pay all order instead of discounting.

Reward Points extension earn points from total order amount and/or from products custom points. Points bonuses for orders quantity, first orders, birthday period and up to 4 promotional times (with daily optional exclusion) earning ratio modification, and many other bonuses, as the optional Review Points Plugin.

The extension works in 3 modes: 1) regular (with a piggy banck where users decide to change and manages their points 2) chips from order: users earn chips instead of points and 3) “one big chip”: users earn points that are converted in one big incremental chip to be used in the cart for new orders.

Two modules inside the extension: the main reward points module, to let customer to manage everything and keep tracks of the points receips, and the predicion module.

With the prediction module published on the product pages, customers are leaded to purchase! It predicts the current cart points and the product poin in the detail page, even the bonuses!

The extension restore previous points for refunded orders and has a new, robust, multi-language options for sending to customers beautiful html/plain emails, both on earning than in changing chips, with support for variables as {username} {points} and so on.

It works automatically with web-payment (as paypal, autorize.net) when you set the right IPN (or the silent post) provided with the instructions, they auto-switch orders from pending to confirmed and the extension store the new points and inform the customer.

The new Virtuemart Reward Points extension supports the Virtuemart Credit Points plugin, to build a complete credit points system from purchasing credits and pay with credits.

Virtuemart reward points extensions inherit itself in alpha user points if you install it. It inherits also the AUP users administration! It is compatible with AWO coupon, both free and pro version.

So it can be used alone or as a strong expansion for AlphaUserPoints.


Download: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension-specific/virtuemart-extensions/virtuemart-payment-systems/20089