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Virtuemart order upload – An essential plugin for eCommerce site

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We cannot deny that eCommerce is now becoming an essential part of life. Revenue in 2019 of the eCommerce market amounts to US$1,800,517m. Revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 10.4%, resulting in a market volume of US$2,674,077m by 2023. It also means that the eCommerce war becomes more and more intense than ever. If you want to win that war you need to prepare all the good things for your site or not, you will lose. Today CMSmart team will present to you one of our good plugin call Virtuemart Order Upload.

What is Virtuemart order upload

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This plugin is using for attaching images or upload files into Virtuemart orders. It can help you upload multiple files at the same time.

Why need Virtuemart order upload

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If you have many images or files need to upload, will you want to upload it one by one? Now, time is money and it will take you a long time with a huge of clicks and steps. Virtuemart Order Upload can help you solve these problems. Using it on your site, you can upload as much as you wish. One of the convenient functions of this product is Customer doesn’t need to log in the site to upload files into their orders.

Moreover, users can remove or edit any images and files during the upload process. Especially, it not only simple for users to configure the maximum file size for uploading but also it can be automatically created image files with thumbnails for products.

With friendly and easy to customize backend options, the extension id ideal for any websites. It can also work well with all modern browsers like firefox, chrome, safari, opera and so on. Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin is what your website needed.

Standout features of Virtuemart order upload

  1. Upload multiple files
  2. Cancel the upload process anytime
  3. Automatically create thumbnails
  4. Review uploaded files on the checkout page
  5. Support many file types
  6. Cross-Browser Support
  7. Powerful order upload features
  8. Images/File management
  9. Easy to install within only 10 minutes
  10. Easy to configure

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