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Cms.net have just researched and developed the product “ Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin” for the purpose of enhancing the effect of online stores, particular printing shop.With this product, your customer are able to make their order with the design corresponding to their requirement. Well, installing Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin into your online store is considerd as an effective tool to make your online store more convenient and friendly to your customers.


Some outstanding features

–      Upload Multiple Files At The Same Time

–     Files Can Be Managed In Backend Order Management

–      Automatically Create Thumbnails

–      CANCEL Upload Process Any Time


Detail functions

Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin 1


  • Use custom Virtuemart fields to choose which products allows to upload designs as orders and not.
  • After uploading files into products and add to cart, customers can checkout instantly
  • Images/ files are managed inside Virtuemart Order Management admin, and you will know which uploaded items belong tproducts for the same orders/ same buyers.
  • No core Virtuemart hack
  • The plugin is compatible with the latest Virtuemart versions
  • Shoppers don’t need to login the site an upload files into their orders
  • Shoppers can choose to DELETE any file or all files with one click.
  • Files will be created with thumbnails automatically

Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin 2

  • Shoppers can upload files into their orders on the checkout page and files will be sent to admin/ owners of Virtuemart.
  • Upload multiple files at the same time with Ajax effects, no need to refresh the checkout page. Shoppers can CANCEL the upload process any time, especially if there are problems ( ex: files are too heavy).
  • Shoppers can choose to DELETE any file or all files with one click.
  • Files will be created with thumbnails automatically
  • The check out process is still the same, no changes will be needed.


Upload files into a checkout page

  • Shoppers can add comments into the standard Virtuemart comment form
  • Admin can download files from each order management
  • Configure a number of files to be uploaded
  • Configure maximize files sizes
  • Choose which types of files to be uploaded
  • The plugin is commercial and compatible with Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.x.x.
  • Just install it like a normal Joomla plugin

With the wonderful experience Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin brings to customers, it is appreciated as a useful solution to deal with hard question: how to meet customers’greater and greater demand which many designing business have faced. Let’s come and enjoy this good technology – one of our Virtuemart Extensions with our cms.net.