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Do Virtuemart Optimization with Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

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VirtueMart covers all the aspects of e-commerce in an easy-to-use fashion and allows administrators to configure the various factors such as those of the shop, selling workflow, payment, products, and more. It also has many other features, which include managing customers and orders, so that every aspect of the shop is handled on-line for your comfort.

How to do Virtuemart Optimization

Keep Virtuemart and Extensions Updated is one of ways to do virtuemart optimization because in each version there are multiple code improvements. Even if the changes are small – new virtuemart versions are generally performing better than previous ones.

Caching is one of the most important things to enable in order to have a fast virtuemart website. When you enable the cache, the first time someone loads your page, the result from the above mentioned actions is stored. Then, all the following visitors will directly get the stored version of that page as if it was a simple, plain HTML file which is much, much lighter and loads faster.

Always optimize Images on your website. Applications like Adobe Photoshop and online services like Smush It for example offer easy to use tools that will reduce the size of your images without lowering their quality greatly. Don’t add too many images to a single page. If you have an article with many photos for example, try splitting it into pages.

After test different plugins, component and modules, do not forget to remove them once they finish working with them. It’s great idea to do a clean-up of such extensions once in a while just to make sure there isn’t any unnecessary content added to your site.

Use Optimization Extensions for Virtuemart: There are many extensions that can help to improve the performance of your virtuemart website. For example, we have a strongly extension that is very popular in recent times: Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension. It really a useful tools support virtuemart optimization. There are some typical features of it that you can trust from the first test as bellow:VM-cart-pro

Client can access to the cart from any pages because it is pinned flexibly on the side bar.

  • Admin can choose to show on the left center or right center side bar of your website so that customer can use it easily.
  • Once customers click onto “add to cart” button, the item will fly to the cart. This makes a great shopping experience to client.
  • Customers can receive a confirmed message that is shown on a pop-up that can help to save space for your website.
  • Quickly open the cart with nice effect for cart
  • Auto-update the cart without redirecting to another page
  • Customers have ability to access cart from any where
  • Customize the cart’s position

Let’s try above tips to do Virtuemart Optimization and give a boost to your sales. If you want to read more about the extension that was mentioned in this article, access website link here and find it: