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Virtuemart extensions for showing product reviews

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Any shop-owners always want to know the customers’ judgement for their products, therfore, many Virtuemart website-admins spend lots of time finding every internet corner for such convenient Virtuemart product reviews extension  as a perfect solution to help buyers give reviews and rating for any favored items. Let’s have a look at some suggested Virtuemart product reviews extension available on the market now before deciding which is the perfect choice for your online shop.

1. VirtueMart Products Reviews by thakkertech

This will show customer reviews for the product as a module on the site. You can have choice to chose the reviews to be showed on below criteria

  • For random products
  • From particular category’s product
  • Number of reviews to show on the site
  • Show latest comment or the first
  • Show (yes/no) rating with the comment
  • Show (yes/no) username, who commented on the product

2. VirtueMart Product Review Followup by interamind

The plugin sends an HTML email to clients X days after they wrote a product review via VirtueMart. It is actually working for you 24/7 even when you are asleep…

Main features

  • Support Dynamic AwoCoupons Plugin
  • New “product link” tag.
  • Test mode – Improved functionality.
  • Add a CC email address.
  • Add a BCC email address.
  • Set “Max” emails per day.
  • Add product image.
  • Choose review status. Send followup email only if review is “published”, “un-published” or “Both”.
  • Choose your email subject (and add dynamic tags to the subject as well).
  • Use your default Joomla! email account.
  • Use any other SMTP email account to send follow-up emails.
  • Support Joomla 1.5 and VM 1.x only!!!

3. VM Reviews Factory Module 1.5

The easiest way to display VirtueMart Reviews.

  • display VirtueMart Reviews
  • showing product name, review, rating, poster name
  • including link to reviews page and product page
  • configurable number of last reviews to display.

4. Virtuemart Customer Reviews Module PRO by yagendoo.com

The Virtuemart Customer Reviews Module PRO shows the latest or random customer reviews of your Virtuemart on a module position determined by you. Optionally the output of the reviews can also be restricted to a certain Virtuemart category and many other display options can be set.

In the following the essential features and setting options of the Virtuemart Customer Reviews Pro Module:

  • displaying the Virtuemart product reviews on Joomla! module positions
  • adjustable whether the latest or random reviews shall be shown
  • display of the reviews can be restricted to certain Virtuemart categories
  • number of the reviews adjustable
  • product name can be enabled/disabled
  • customer name can be enabled/disabled
  • text of the review can be enabled/disabled
  • rating stars can be enabled/disabled
  • colors for the ratings stars selectable
  • length of the review text can be limited
  • display of unpublished reviews for determined Joomla! user groups possible

5. Virtuemart Product Review 2.0 Module by Cmsmart

This is a special display module for Virtuemart product reviews and rating. The module is compatible to Virtuemart 2.x.x and Joomla 2.5

With module configuration, you can display Virtuemart products thumbnails, start rating, reviews text, name of reviewers…

  • Chose which Virtuemart Category of Products to display reviews
  • Chose style of module: Vertical or Horizontal
  • Chose Number of Products to display
  • Order the Products review base on: Latest, Random, Top Ten
  • Set the Product thumbnail width, thumbnail height
  • Set max number of word of review text in module display
  • Set speed of slider
  • Show price on / off
  • Rating/ Comment on / off
  • Author on / off
  • Date on / off


In comparison with other Virtuemart product review extensions, Virtuemart Product Review 2.0 Module designed by Cmsmart will never make you disappointed thanks to its enjoyable functions as well as the high-qualified service offered by Cmsmart. We are on the way to promote our specific brand, additionally, with the precious support from our deer customers and the superb dedication from all Cmsmart members, we believe into the stable development in the bright future. Let’s enjoy our products and I am sure it’s worth your time!