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Virtuemart Extensions for Printing Company Websites

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Printing is one of the most popular and longstanding business. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, the printing is growing to come up with the trend. Today, in addition to traditional printing, the printing online is gradually occupies a very important position. Printing online help printing companies can easily get access to their customers, selling products via internet.

The printing business online requires businesses need to build them self an ecommerce website with features needed for online printing business. Therefore, in this article I will give you some suggestions to build a website for printing online business by the easiest way but still owning the most needed features.

To build a website, using OpenSource is the most quickly and conveniently way. Joomla + Virtuemart always were one of the best choices for building ecommerce websites. You can create a Virtuemart website and use Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template as your website’s template. That is a profesional Virtuemart template for printing website.

In this article, I will talk deeply about the virtuemart extensions which can provide you some features that support for an online printing website. In marketplace today, there are a lot of extensions virtuemart developed to cater for online printing. However, in my opinion these extensions below are the best product which can help for a printing website, those virtuemart extensions focus on improving the features that makes customers can easily manipulate, ordering through your website.

1/ Ajax Drop Down Cart for Virtuemart


This is an extension which can help you to create a powerful shopping cart for your site. When you activate this extension and chosen position in the Joomla template (top/header is recommended), then your customers can use the dropdown cart anywhere in your site. This will save a lot of time for your customers, they won’t need to access the cart page many time to add/edit products and everything will be done in few seconds with this virtuemart cart module.


2/ Virtuemart Order Upload plugin


Virtuemart Order Upload plugin allows customers can upload multiple images and files for their products easily. They can save big time to create more products in product listing page very quickly. This extension helps customers can use images, file information to better describe their requirements when making order. This is useful for printing online businesses because it will help these businesses create products which exactly according the customers’ requirements.


3/ Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin


If you have many photo/image of your products, and you want to have a tool that allows you to upload other images related to your main images just in one click? So, Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload plugin is your right choice.

This extension helps online printing businesses can upload multi images of their products, which customers can view a demo image of the product after printed.


4/ Attachment for Virtuemart Product

vm Attachment

Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin allows store owners can attach any type of files on the product details page. This is a utility to bring customers the most specific information about the product, may be the parameters of color, material, size…


5/ Virtuemart One Page Checkout


This is the best one page checkout extension for Virtuemart, this make the checkout step become quicker & easier than ever. Your customers can finish purchase in just 1 page. Brings to your customers the convenient experience that means you can increase chance to get more sales.