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Virtuemart Delivery Date Plugin 5.0.0

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Nowadays, shipping is an important issue that most online businesses focus on. For online items, automatic shipping management is necessary to ensure every order to be delivered on time. Product Delivery date plugin for Virtuemart can do you even more than that. It will control delivery time and date automatically instead of manually recording the theme.

After installing the plugin like a normal Joomla extension, you will activate the plugin. Thus, shoppers can choose delivery dates, delivery time and delivery locations in a list during their checkout process.


Updated: 2016, Apr 13

Compatible with Joomla 3.4.x & VM 3.0.12

– Fixed bug:

+ Don’t keep input of the date when click [check out now] button

+ Don’t enter proper about the interval but successful order

+ Delivery date is required filed

+ Don’t show Drag and drop type of delivery time in front-end

+ Don’t disable [date block list]

+ Added dropdown’s the color of delivery time

+ [Block after] field not correct with [Due to] field

+ [Block after] field can input other characters which is not digits

– Feature:

+ Change product’s name is Advance delivery date & time for Virtuemart

+ Allowed creating different delivery date & time based on the country, the state and zipcode