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Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension for interchanging options of products

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When fashion and  techonology together put their feet  into the modern world, we can witness the increasing number of add-ons appearing to enhance customers’ shopping experience. Among of such wonderful extensions, it is Virtuemart Color Swatch developed by the Cmsmart team that displays color switchers on category and product pages to help shoppers easily interchange options of products through changeable color icons. Not only does this extension show various color switches but it also integrate with jQuery and Ajax technology allowing price being attached with particular colors.

Apart from the hightlight feature of displaying various color oprions on category and product pages, Virtuemart color swatch extension works well with all types of attributes from color, size to materials while the zoom plug-in can be included without any extra fee; product image is viewed clearer under different corners. Thus, I am sure that this superb extension is worth a look at.


  •   New Preview Product Options With Color Swatches

Your customers can preview an image by choosing a color from color swatches kit

  •  New Combined With Zoom Feature

Zoom and thumbnail slider is available. Give your customers a great view of the product.

  •  New Applied To Multiple Attributes On A  Product

Also use color swatch for attributes other than color! Assign swatches for size, quantity, materials etc.

Besides, Virtuemart Color Swatch plugin minimizes a lot of actions on site and enhances visual impacts.The extension has been advanced being more quickly and easy-to-see. The site can run faster and bring new and convenient experience for customers. There are other front-end and back-end features that are worth considering:


  • Show images when choosing colors
  • Preview product options with color swatches
  • Choose products based on colors palette
  • Use Jquery effects to change images
  • Use Jquery jCarousel Library to create thumbnails images on details page
  • All saved information in Config will be displayed
  • Combine with zoom plugin
  • Customize other product attributes

+ Title, thumbnails, tooltips
+ Images are uploaded in admin, will be saved in folders, according to ID of products, using php functions to take images out
+ Use Jquery and Ajax to show images when colors are chosen.

  • Add prices for specific colors
  • Color blocks shown on category and product detail page
  • Included Zoom cloud plug-in

– Multi-options:
+ Thumbnail dimensions: Set height and width for image in slider
+ Block style: Customize block shape (square or circle)
+ Direction option: Set horizontal or vertical for slide bar
– Custom field:
+ Block title: Title applied concurrently with image helps the extension achieve a closer approach to customer segment
+ Block tooltip: Add hidden messages on tooltip box so that it can be shown whenever client hover mouse over
+ Customized thumbnail block: Use default image or upload new image from customer’s source
+ Customized zoom pop-up: Set dimensions for pop-up window
+ Item status according to color: is updated and shown in front-end