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Virtuemart Category Extension

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Navigation is never so enjoyable! You want a space-saving and flexible categories on the homepage? Thus, let’s enjoy superb features of Virtuemart Category Extensions which enable you to customize your product categories in a box of lists, sub-category and links to the category listing page.

1. OS Virtuemart Dropdown Category by osthemeclub

Display all virtuemart category in a drop down box. You can set your style very easy. Try to use and like it.
With fading animation and link directly to selected category, OS Virtuemart Category can surely be your most used module on your website

2. Auto Parent Categories for VirtueMart by open-tools

This is a Virtuemart 2 plugin that – if so configured – automatically adds your products also to the parent categories of the categories it is assigned to, or removes them from all but the lowest categories in the category hierachy. For child products, it can also assign them to the parent product’s categories, or remove all categories.

Virtuemart 2 displays products only in the exact categories they are assigned to. In many cases, however, you want your customers to see also all products in the child categories of the current category. This plugin, which can be configured to run automatically in the Backend, can be configured to add each product also to all parent categories, so it will appear also in the parent category listing. The reverse is also possible: Automatically remove each product from all parent categories and display it only in the very last category (leaf category). For child products, the plugin additionally allows the shop owner to automatically remove all categories or explicitly copy all categories from the parent product. This allows you to globally modify all child products to either not appear at all in the VirtueMart categories view in the frontend (because e.g. you display the child products on the parent product’s page) or to show all child products automatically in the same categories as the parent products.


3. VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter by Getsite

Main features:
– construction the dependent < select > of categories lists
– allows set own label for each < select >
– assign result to some menu item
– load subitems via AJAX (if enabled)

in version 2012.08.11
– added categories ordering in dropdown list
– added possibility use AJAX for load subitems
– added caching

in version 2012.06.01
-allow define root category for current filter
-can be couple blocks with different categories tree
-small optimization

in version 2012.03.29
-fixed problem when shows not all categories

in version 2012.03.23
– added possibility set the reference to a specific menu item for a filtering result
– added possibility set label for each select level
– was rewritten JavaScript, now module use the Mootools plugin mooOptionTree
– small optimization

4. Vertical drop menu for VirtueMart by offlajn

Feature lists:

  • Fully responsive
  • GPU accelerated animation effects
  • 3D animation effects
  • Intelligent submenu positioning
  • Unlimited deep of submenu levels
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) support
  • No conflict with other JavaScript engines
  • Easy to style
  • The latest web technologies
  • Easy to integrate
  • Supports LTR / RTL languages

5. VirtueMart Full Category List Menu by acusti

VirtueMart Full Category List Menu Module is a Joomla module that can display the entire category structure of your virtuemart store, including all levels of subcategories, as a fully CSS customizable structured unordered list. As of version 1.1.0 (April 27, 2010), you can now specify any range of category levels that you wish to display (i.e., top-level only, 2nd to 4th level, etc).

Release notes for version 1.2.0 (2012-07-26):

  • The module is now VirtueMart 2.x and Joomla 2.x compatible
  • Added a much-requested feature to make it possible to filter the menu by the current category, so that the menu can “follow” the user as they drill down through your web shop’s categories

For version 1.1.1c (2012-01-30):

  • Very minor update: added category ID into CSS class for links so they can be individually styled if necessary

For version 1.1.1 (2010-05-25):

  •  Minor update: added parameter to select a category to display (w. subcategories, if applicable), and fixed a very small bug in the helper functions.
  • A couple minor fixes (see changelog)

For version 1.1.0 (2010-04-27):

  •  SEF url support has been improved (uses very robust logic to determine the best Itemid to use for each link, which is what determines how your SEF urls will appear).
  • The module has been refactored to use the standard J!1.5 MVC structure, and the html it outputs can now be overridden by a template output override.
  •  New features of this version include the option to control what levels the menu displays (i.e., top-level only, 2nd to 3rd level, etc), the order to display (either the order specified in the backend or alphabetical) and whether to show only published or all categories.

6. Virtuemart Category Drop Down List Module by Cmsmart

This simple module will display all Virtuemart products categories in  a box of lists, sub categories, and links to the category listing page. The module is compatible with VM 2.x.x and Joomla 2.5.x.


In summary, you may find it difficult to decide which is the most suitable for your shop, however, I am sure that all of such category drop down list extensions are extremely useful and enjoyable. Thus, no matter which version you choose, you will enjoy its advanced features.