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Virtuemart Ajax Drop down Cart – A great Virtuemart Cart Module

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E-commerce is growing day by day; it becomes more popularity with the rapid development. E-commerce was accounted for a very large proportion of the world economy. We can see that ecommerce is appearing in all aspects of business, all companies of all business sectors are focusing investment in e-commerce because of the huge benefits that it brings. Precisely because of the rapid development of e-commerce, therefore have so many solutions which support for it was developed.

First thing to meet the needs of online business is that we need to have a website has enough power, enough functionality to be able to work well. When looking for a solution to build an e-commerce site, virtuemart always be one of the great choice, virtuemart give us many very powerful features which helps us build an ecommerce website. However, you will still need the help of the extension for virtuemart; they will help to improve the features of your site becoming stronger and more perfect.

Today I will introduce to you an extension helps you to own a wonderful shopping cart for your Virtuemart website. Shopping cart is a very important feature of any ecommerce website, so this is one of the first features that we need to create. Owns a good shopping cart will help you increase your sales because your customers can make purchase on your site by the most convenient and easiest way. Then Ajax Drop down Cart for Virtuemart was come to help you.


Ajax Drop down Cart is a Virtuemart Cart Module which helps you to build a powerful drop down carts swiftly revealing the added-to cart products in an excellent dropdown list appearance.

Let’s see what that Virtuemart Cart Module brings to your site.

  • Instantly add products to cart: customers can add the products on cart with no need to reload page. The customers’ just need to click “Add-to-Cart” button then these products will instantly add in to shopping cart.
  • Expand cart’s content with effects: The expanded line shows info of each product such as: quantity, the thumbnail, the name and sub-total with dropdown effect. The collapsed line will show how many products in the cart.
  • Update products without loading pages: customer can increase or decrease the product quantity and then when the quantity is updated, the price will change accordingly. With Virtuemart calculation system the total price will be updated immediately in cart after changed.
  • Remove any product on the cart page: customers can remove any product in cart or empty cart with 1 click.
  • Ajax load works when your customer update cart or delete products, then image to indicate loading process will be appear.
  • Support multiple skins: 5 default color schemes available to choose, admin can go to back-end and choose the most suitable color for their site. More over, admin also can choose show/hide button like: delete button, update button or quantity input, etc.

In addition, this Virtuemart cart module also helps the website owners / admins can easily to customize pop-up skin with modern admin panel interface. Admin can config image thumb on cart or can enable / disable this module in 1 click. To discover more info, click on button below.

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