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How to use Embedded Content in the right way for Ecommerce website

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In recent years, content marketing is becoming a hot trend and it also brought a lot of difficulties for online marketers to stand out from the crowd. Nowadays, in order to capture the attention of consumers, we need more than plain text. Online marketers need new and rich content to make customers more interested and then bring products closer to them.

Fortunately, along with the new challenges we also have the new solutions. The embedded content is a great solution in this case; it helps online marketers have more choices in the process of creating interesting content. Moreover, embedded content also brings good news for online businesses.

What is embedded content?

Embedded content is the videos, slide presentation or even an animated GIF. The marketers can improve the conversions of the product pages, emails or white papers by inserting the embedded content. Moreover, embedded content also can improve your SEO performance.

How embedded content can improve click-through rates?

Have you ever received an email newsletter? And what you will do if you get an email with a paragraph (or solid page) of lifeless text? You will spend time to read it, no, you will tend to click on the “Delete” button instead. But, what will happen if you get an email with a video, an image with a persuasive caption or a one-panel cartoon illustrating a problem solved by the product being sold? It looks more interesting right. The visual content is always more attractive, and that will be easier to entice the subscriber to engage with the email by clicking on the ‘sign-up’ button, try a free trial or even make a purchase.

In addition, an email with embedded content may not only increase click-through rates but also increase the chance that subscribers forwarding the email to their colleagues or friends who have similar interests. It will help your brand reach more people.  A deeper customer relationship which created by engaging embedded content also converts your customers into brand advocates.

How embedded content can improve SEO?

If you have the embedded content (video, slide presentations, infographics…) on your company website with the embed code, and then your content can be grabbed and re-publish on the website of interested off-site publishers. And if the embedded content links to your website, the backlinks were created on the publisher’s site can help to improve your SEO ranking. Moreover, the exposure gained on other relevant websites advances brand awareness and credibility.

Here are some tips that you can do with Embedded Content

  • Create the hyperlink in the embedded content or include strong call-to-action links.
  • Archive embedded content on your website along with embed code.
  • If you create videos, keep it short: 30 seconds to 2 minutes is the most reasonable for standard video.
  • Never active auto-start for your videos, this is a bad practice for user experience. Let readers control your embedded content.
  • Make slide presentations with interesting graphic content. The slides with only text may not capture or hold the reader’s attention, it’s boring.
  • Always provide a feature like “forward to a friend” button or include social media share buttons in emails to encourage sharing.
  • Production quality for visual content should be professional, not need to look like a Hollywood action or animated movie. But make it attractive and professional as much as possible.
  • Good visual content should provide information and/or entertain. Here are some good ideas:
    • Solve an important problem
    • Make the desired goal seem attainable
    • Explain a complex idea, product, service or business model
    • Provide useful data and insights relating to a product, service, industry or business problem
    • Describe experiences of satisfied customers (case studies, testimonials)

If you are looking for the solution to embedding contents into your Joomla/Virtuemart website. Here are some plugins that can help you:

Source: cleverbridge.com