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Top Free Joomla Extensions For Beginners in 2015

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Currently, the Joomla Extension Directory (JED) has approximately 9,000 extensions, and it seem a little hard to decide which ones you might need from all those that are listed. Depending on which requirements needed, each site will need different extensions. However, with thousands of Joomla extensions out there, it’s good to know that there are just a few great ones that seem to be installed on almost every site, both personal and professional!

We’d like to recognize what we feel are the best free Joomla extensions that make it on a vast majority of  Joomla-powered websites, in this homage to the creators, and their work!

Now straight to the point, here is list ” Top Free Joomla Extensions For Beginners in 2015

1. Akeeba Backup – Every beginners should own this must-have free extension.


You guy must know that the most critical process of website development is having a good data backup strategy. In any cases, if something happens and we find out that the client only has a backup from a year or two ago. Everything is lost, and of course, fixing or rebuilding the site costs more and takes longer. In some cases, the site is often in essence, unrecoverable and would have to be built from scratch.

That’s why Akeeba Backup is an essential free Joomla extension that should be installed on every Joomla website. With Akeeba, you can backup your entire site and database with just one click to one of multiple archive format choices (.jpa, .zip, etc…) and send the backup to the cloud (or download to your computer). Akeeba it’s also possible and very easy to migrate, move or duplicate your site to another host or development environment.

Akeeba extension is offered in both free and paid version. The free version gives you everything you need to make manual backups of your site, but the paid one will automate the backup process depending on your schedule (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly rotation…)

2. JCE Editor – Standing on the second place on the chart


JCE Editor is a free Joomla extension, but come along with it is a subscription for add-in plugins that you’ll definitely want to take a look at that add additional functionality to the image, file and media managers.

When it comes to content manipulation, the first thing that cross my mind is JCE Editor. It offers a wide range of Office-like functionality and is the most robust and powerful visual editor for Joomla! New user can quickly adjust to editing content right within the Joomla control panel with its similar layout to popular text editing applications.

The best features of JCE Editor is the ability to link to categories, weblinks (if installed) and other articles right from within the linking popup. On a similar note, the image editor makes adding, deleting and adjusting your in content images a breeze. For those who do have coding knowledge, JCE offers an advanced code editor with syntax highlighting and advanced style and element attribution for easy code editing. JCE is here for non-technical people as it makes it so easy to do.

3. NoNumber Modules Anywhere – #3 on the list. It is a often overlooked extension


Nonumber Modules Anywhere extension is an essential free Joomla! extension for every site where you need to customize the placement of your modules in nonstandard places on your site

It allows you to add modules (usually found in the sidebars) essentially anywhere, hence the name, Modules Anywhere.

NoNumber Modules Anywhere comes in both a free and paid version, with additional customizability added to the paid version.

4. Komento Commenting System – One of the very best free Joomla extensions you’ll find!


User who use Joomla! for blogging will love the ability to customize of Komento – a Joomla! native commenting system.  By using Komento, you can create interaction with your site visitors by adding comments for either a select number of categories on your site, or all of them as you wish

In optional , you can decide what readers can and can’t do through a built in access control system. The commenter’s avatar can be pulled in from Gravatar or a number of other social sources.

Komento is free to download, but also offers a paid version which adds more features and removes the copyright linkback.

5. JEvents – a winner for calendaring, events and more!


Many times, you might want to have an event calendar on your site where you have to list upcoming events in either listing or calendar format. What you need here is JEvents – a complete Event Calendar solution. It offers you a way to list your one-off events and create repeating patterns. You can even offer a feed for your latest events. JEvents offers multiple design layouts, iCal import/exports, event categories and more!

JEvents is a free extension, but you can add more functionality by adding plugins by way of a paid subscription.

Are we’re already reached the end of the five free Joomla Extensions for Beginners? I hope that the information given by me today can help you with your Joomla! website. If you have suggestions, agree or disagree, your comments are welcome below.