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Top 3 Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace

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Virtuemart allows you to sell products, services and website subscriptions online. The main reasons that make Virtuemart to be a popular solution for online stores are its Performance, Usability and Security.

However, if you want your ecommerce website to work well and bring more profits. We also need to consider Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart of your website. If your website have a strong shopping cart, your website will have a big advantage to increase sales. Today, this article will talk about the top 3 Shopping Cart Extensions on CMSMART.

1/ Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension


The default cart doesn’t allow your client to check cart directly and they get annoyed when being redirected to another page. Virtuemart Cart pro can make it disappear with the Ajax technology. The Virtuemart Cart Pro is a great extension for any virtuemart websites to show the cart on the left / right side, coming with ajax functionality.

Some extra features of Virtuemart Cart Pro:

  • Client can access to the cart from any pages because it is pinned flexibly on the side bar.
  • Admin can choose to show on the left center / right center side bar of your website so that customer can use it easily.
  • Fly to cart effect Thereby, when client clicks onto “add to cart” button, the item will fly to the cart.
  • Confirmation pop-up After adding items, client can see confirmed message that is shown on a pop-up
  • Quickly open the cart
  • Auto-update the cart without redirecting to another page

2/ Ajax drop down cart for Virtuemart


Ajax Dropdown Cart makes ecommerce websites look tidy as well as competent, giving customer’s pleasures when reviewing products that they have chosen in shopping activities. Ajax Dropdown Cart Virtuemart extension is easy for you to set up like a regular Joomla installation.

Some great features from Ajax dropdown cart for virtuemart:

  • Easy to add or remove Product from Cart: With this extension, your customer can add products into the cart without reloading the page
  • Immediately update the total price of the cart, working with Virtuemart calculation system when your customer update products’ quantity
  • Virtuemart admin can choose colors and customize from admin panel 5 colors available ( Blue, Black, Pink, Red, Gray) from admin panel, suitable with many different types of ecommerce businesses

3/ Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin


With the Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin you can send the name cart to any email address, put a name to each cart. This extension has no core Virtuemart file hack and 5 color available for you.

  • Shoppers can add products into the cart normally. Products will be displayed in the Save Cart
  • Login before saving product into cart: this extension will ask shoppers to register and login if shoppers have’nt log-in
  • Shoppers can see the save cart data in their profiles and customers will not have to reload the page while the cart is saved into their Virtuemart profile
  • When shoppers save the cart they can put the name for each cart, for each purpose of cart

The 3 Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions above are all great extension to impoves shopping cart for your ecommerce website. Let’s check and download the best Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart at this link bellow: