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Top 10 bad programming habits of programmers

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Nothing is perfect and with the craft of programming, there will be thousands of bad habits that will prevent you from becoming an actually great programmer. In this article, from the point of view of a long year experience developer, I will summarize the ten most common bad programming habits of programmers.

1. Don’t need any help

I believe that you will be at least one time in the case that you are stuck in a headache problem but you do not intend to ask others because you suppose that you will soon find the solution. However, no one is perfect and some cases are even more sophisticated than you think. So, asking someone for help is a great idea to save you time.

2. Giving up too soon

Due to not asking others for help while you cannot find the solution or some developers are not patient enough to go to the end of the road, they just try a few times if everything is not solved, they give up even when they almost find the solution. Let’s be patient and enthusiastic if you want to become a good programmer.

3. Not considering yourself as a team member

Working independently is always highly appreciated but not all the cases because some people are so good when they work individually but they cannot fit into a team. That’s so pity. When you work on a team, you can reduce the chances of conflicts in the product as well as increase the productivity of your team, it means you can gain more in the team.

4. Over commenting the code

Some developers usually over comment the code and it will mess up all the things. Remember that writing what problem is solved by this piece of code is enough, not too much comment on the code.

5. No plan before you start coding

Dealing with different types of problems is normal during the developers’ lifetime. Some of them are quite simple but others are not. Therefore, it had better have a plan for how you are going to code before starting any projects. You will save a lot of time for testing.

6. I am the boss

You should be a team leader, do not just behave like you are a boss because people usually say that the leader is admired and a boss is feared. Behaving like a boss is like you are creating a boundary between you and your junior developers.

7. Attending meeting all days

If you attend the meeting every day, there will be something wrong. To be more productive, let’s fix the time or a day for it, that’s enough.

8. You did it wrong

I mean trying to blame others for any faults. At the position of the developer in particular and normal person in general, you should avoid that habit. Let’s accept what you had done regardless of it was positive or negative, you will become more responsible.

9. Not estimating the effort

Before starting any project whether it is small or huge you must have time and resource estimation. If you don’t have the estimation, it will be hard to manage your development process.

10. Just copy and paste

This is the most serious mistake of developers. They ask a question on  Stack Overflow or some other forums, then they copy the answer without thinking about that code. So next time you face the same problem you again need to repeat the same process of copy-pasting.