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Choose One page checkout to get 5 amazing virtuemart joomla 3.x compatibilities

One page checkout for Virtuemart

E-commerce made sales increased and promote your fame. Businesses who found successfulness with VirtueMart will keep finding the way to renew their website. If you are finding an extension for your website too but still worry about its compatibility, we will help you delete this issue in this article.  One page checkout for Virtuemart on Cmsmart is an application that ...

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Top 3 Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart Extensions on CMSMART MarketPlace


Virtuemart allows you to sell products, services and website subscriptions online. The main reasons that make Virtuemart to be a popular solution for online stores are its Performance, Usability and Security. However, if you want your ecommerce website to work well and bring more profits. We also need to consider Virtuemart Joomla Shopping Cart of your website. If your website have a ...

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Virtuemart extensions for showing product reviews

Any shop-owners always want to know the customers’ judgement for their products, therfore, many Virtuemart website-admins spend lots of time finding every internet corner for such convenient Virtuemart product reviews extension  as a perfect solution to help buyers give reviews and rating for any favored items. Let’s have a look at some suggested Virtuemart product reviews extension available on the market ...

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VM delivery date extension- a managing-shop Joomla plugin

As we know, Delivery date is among the greatest extensions from Virtuemart giving the best satisfaction in shopping activities as customers can decide the exact date or  the period of time for delivery from a calender window, even some extensions supports a list of locations to make delivery more convenient. Apart from high compatibility with Joomla versions, delivery date extension ...

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Virtuemart Reward Points Download

Reward Points extension manages loyalties and points in Virtuemart 2 (also available for vm1.1.x). Earn points from orders or product points and use points to discount new orders. It can also build a professional “credit points system*” fotolia-like (*optional with Credit points plugin) to pay all order instead of discounting.

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Product Builder for Virtuemart Component

Configurator for VM1 and VM2. The user could build his own configuration , selecting various products from product groups. Also predefined bundles could be purchased with 1 click. A good example is a computer or a bike which consists of different parts that the user has to select.

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Aus Post Shipping for VirtueMart Plugin Download Free

  The Australian Post Virtuemart 2.0 Shipping Plugin This is the VirtueMart 2.0 AusPost “Australia Post” Shipping Plugin that fully integrates and shows real time shipping quotes based on vendor and customer postcodes in the checkout process. Installs as a native VirtueMart 2.0 Joomla 2.5 Shipping Plugin.

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