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Store Manager For VirtueMart Extension – Advanced eCommerce Solution

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As we all know, Virtuemart is a free E-commerce solution to create an online store. Virtuemart is very popular because it it possesses very powerful features which supports for ecommerce and very easy to install and use. Virtuemart operate on the strength of Joomla, a very famous CMS (Content Management System). So, if you want to build an ecommerce website, Virtuemart is such a great idea.

However, in addition to building an online store, the use and store manager is also a very important issue. Virtuemart has provided many good features for your online store and it ensure that your store can work smoothly. In addition to the basics of every online store like product management, order management, payment & checkout, etc… if your store has a large variety of data about products, customers or other relevant information then to be able to manage and use the data easily and conveniently you will need the help of the extended Virtuemart extensions. An example is Store Manager for VirtueMart Extension.

This is an extension which helps you can maximize data management and help store owners build customer-oriented shop. More specifically, Store Manager Extension for Virtuemart is an awesome solution for high-level data management. This extension will arrange data within corresponding sections and you can switch between easily.


So, what exactly Store Manager for VirtueMart will bring to your store?

As what has been said above, this extension will help you manage your data store easily and more details. This extension also brings to your store so many useful features, can be mentioned to 10 outstanding features below:

  • Variety of product handling possibilities – add new product listings, modify existings, use copy/paste and clone technique to create new merchandise, remove products, configure child produvts using corresponding options available on the toolbar or in the context menu.
  • Arrange categories at ease – create new categories, adjust existing ones, change category position, copy/paste VirtueMart product categories.
  • Mass Product Changer for instant product alterations implementing – update details for numerous selected products within short span of time.
  • Product import from different files formats, Store manager extension supported for CSV, XML, XLS (XLSX), TXT, ODS files.
  • Possibilities to create, update product listings or accomplish both actions at once within import procedure.
  • Possibility to create custom fields of different kinds – integer, time, image, textarea and other.
  • Manage category associations for multiple products at once via Assign Category option.
  • One-page POS for momentary order creation.
  • Custom SQL for advanced data handling Raw Table Editor for direct access of database tables.
  • Comprehensive report for store performance inspecting, uncover best selling products, worst sellers, most viewed products, customer reviews, etc.

In addition to the aforementioned features, this extension supports for multi store. This Store Manager for VirtueMart is very easy to install, use and configure. You can use different type of connection to connect to your store database such as: direct, bridge or HTTP Tunnel… depends on which is most suitable for you.