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Smart Virtuemart Cart Module for Ideal Web Stores

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shopping-cart-proVirtuemart, a powerful open-source solution, has really gained immense popularity in the e-commerce market resulting in a great deal of fresh extension ideas from developers. A recently developed product, Cart Pro Module Virtuemart is an advanced leap gaining a wide attention from customer. The Virtuemart extension has been developed by various suppliers so that it gives clients a host of different nice features: confirmation effects, view mode, update function, extra information enclosing.


It has been more and more preferred by different users because of its convenience and flexibility. I am very pleased with some such products that I have tried currently. Those all give me a great experience from the very first time.

  • Quick Cart Virtuemart 2.x is a 1 year free download product developed by the code extension that is worth considering. The product allows users seeing the shopping cart placed right below the product slider so that they are not driven away from product images. Apart from the necessary information, the Quick Cart Virtuemart also provides thumbnail product images packed with a brief description in a drop-down cart so that it’s extremely simple and quick to checkout.


The Quick cart Virtuemart supports different browsers such as IE6+, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari,…and be compatible with the 3rd party templates (T3, Grantry, Yoo…). However, its disadvantage is not to have a confirmation box making customer to be confused due to not knowing the final result after adding products to cart.

  • Another Virtuemart Cart Pro Module designed by the CMSmart team has been a good choice as well thanks to many advanced features. The plugin helps modify the quantity right in the cart without leaving the current page and then automatically update the total price so that it saves shopping time for clients. The confirmation message is so special using flying image effect resulting in a distinctive experience for customers.

Virtumart Cart pro module

With the Virtuemart Cart Pro Module, clients also check directly full information about their shopping through the drop-down cart displayed in the category page. What’s more, the cart position is pinned in the header instead of following each different category pages like the Virtuemart Quick Cart product. This product is highly preferred because it utilizes the power of image instead of using too much word making its layout be crystal clear.

Virtuemart Cart pro module CMSmart

  • SJ Minicart Pro – Joomla Module is a flexible and customizable product released by the SmartAddons. Using a pop-up window without leaving the page to confirm the shopping status doesn’t take clients too much time, simultaneously, it’s easy to keep shopping process not to be interrupted. Its layout design is quite eye-catching with clear display style. In addition, a customizable back-end feature allows many parameters being tweaked to suit customer needs like having coupon code enabled or not, changing width and height of each images or showing Checkout buttons…

SJ Minicart Pro – Joomla Module

Adjusting quantity with “+” & “-” button is a convenient solution reducing actions for shopping. Besides, updating directly the total price in the cart will save a lot of time for clients. Like the Virtuemart Cart Pro Module, the Minicart Pro uses more symbols than words avoiding information overload in the cart, therefore, customer will be very pleased with this nice and easy-to-see design. The product is compatible with IE8+, FireFox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome.

Most of Virtuemart Cart Pro Modules bring fantastic features aiming at a wonderful experience for users. Basically, the product is designed to cut unnecessary steps of checkout, simultaneously, it is integrated with other function buttons like checkout, go to cart, update, remove, add, even the link to product details page. Thereby, it is highly appreciated by the customers because of its simple and fast-paced design. Now, you can find and choose distinctive functions in every product so that it is most fitted to your business.