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The Signs Prove That You Have a Good Website

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There are many articles which talk about how to improve your site, how to avoid the problems on designing and developing, what are the features that you need for your site, etc… That’s right! There are many questions to be posted when you’re on the road to creating a successful website.

So, once again, this article will give you the answer to the question: what are the signs to prove that you have a good website? Now, here is the list of the most important signs of a perfect website, in my opinion.

1. Your website is working well on mobile

In fact, there are 62% of companies that have mobile-friendly websites increased sales and prove a responsive win-win. While the mobile traffic accounted for more than half of all website traffic, the website owners MUST create a website that can work well with all mobile devices. You need a website with a responsive design in order to make it mobile friendly.

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2. Your website does not contain Flash

Flash is old technology and it’s not recommended to use on the website today. Flash makes your site working slow and it is very difficult to maintain and use. If you use Flash in your site, Google bot cannot crawl your site then your contents are not listed in the search engines. Moreover, Flash is not a mobile-friendly technology, it won’t be supported by Apple’s devices (iPhone, iPad) and other smartphones. So, seems to be no reason to use flash at the moment, if your site doesn’t contain Flash – it’s a good sign.

3. Your Search Engine Rankings are high

While 93% of all the online experiences get started with the search engine, the good ranking in search engines is an important factor of the successful website. When your website has a good SEO result, it will ensure that your potential customers will be able to find you on the giant world of the internet.

4. It looks perfectly appealing

The website with a good and beautiful design can attract more people, it is absolutely true. The good website design may also build the trust and credibility of customers, there are 94% of people say that the websites which have a good web design are more reliable. You can ask your customers or your friends to give the reviews of your site design, and if they say that your site is highly appealing and beautiful. Congratulations!

5. Your website is fast

The speed of the website is an important factor. Most people are impatient, so if your site takes so many times to load, you will lose a lot of potential customers. You can check your site speed with this TOOL from Google, and if your site loads under a second, that is a good sign. If your site takes 2 or more than 3 seconds, re-check your site and optimize it.

The fast-loading website can keep people stay longer because it means that they have a great experience on your site.

6. User-friendly navigation

Same as website design, good navigation will bring good user experience for visitors. The navigation should be clear and easy to use; it will help customers can easily to find what they are looking for. If you can make sure that your visitors have easy and enjoyable navigation, you’re ready to be amongst the best ones.

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7. Bounce Rate of your website is low

The bounce rate is the measure that shows the rate of how many people visit your site and how many people left after only viewing the landing page. The low bounce rate means that your site is good. People go to your site and spend more time on your site. To have a good bounce rate, you should invest in your content quality and user experience as well.

8. Clear Path to Contact Information

The connection between your clients and you, it is more important if you are doing business. You should create a website with clear contact information which helps visitors/customers can easy to get in touch with you. If you are making communications with your clients and contacting them on a regular basis, it’s perfect for your site and your business also.