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Why Selling Personalized Products is Major Trend of e-Commerce

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The personalized products attract more customers by the creativity and diversity that it brings. Instead of choosing products that already in stock, customers now like to buy the unique products which they can customize for themselves. This is one of the biggest reasons why personalized products can help eCommerce businesses to gain loyalty and engagement of the customers. It also explains why these products are becoming a major trend in e-commerce.


Boosting the brand

While allows customers can create and buy the customized products, you will have a chance to boost your business and your brand also. Many people like the customized products, so if you sell customized shoes or customized t-shirts, it will help you attract more consumers and get more sales. It also means that will have more people who know your brand.

Customers’ creation

Why you can get more sales with customized products, just because these products are particularly designed as per customers’ needs. They can use their creativity to create unique products which usually generated from their ideas. Moreover, the customized products can be used for themselves as well as gifts for someone. So, it’s always being a good choice.

Business through personalized products

This is a very potential market, look at a survey from Bain, it shows that 25-30% consumers are interested to buy personalized products and there are 10% have already tried the products and they are happy with their decision.

Moreover, it also shows that in the footwear market, there are 1/4 of shoppers bought personalized products. Why you ignore this trend when the revenue from personalized products goes up to $2 billion per year?

Get new ideas!

In a world where everything changes with dizzying speed, the new trends appearing constantly, so all the businesses also need to change to adapt to the market, trend, and customers. Especially with businesses that provide fashion products like t-shirt, shoes, bags… they need to catch the new trend every day to update the look of products. Therefore, providing personalized products will be a smart strategy, new cool and creative ideas can be generated through personalized products. It will help businesses come to a larger market.


The technologies today allow you to personalize any product. They personalize products like clothing, fashion accessories (coffee mugs) or gifts more compared to other products. While selling personalized products, you should consider:

  • Offering sufficient options to the customers, the variety of product categories will bring customers more choice.
  • Providing the creative content and designs, the interesting graphics, printed designs, text patterns, and funny quotes… it helps to create attractive products.
  • Allowing customers to customize the size, fitting or color of the products is a great idea. It will help customers can choose the products that best suited for them.
  • Consider selling the product with combo/bulk. The garments and accessories are more likely to be bought with the bundle. You can sell sweatshirts or t-shirts as a combo with accessories for example.

So, if you want to find a solution to create an online store to sell personalized products and also has an online design tool that allows customers can design their unique products, I would like to introduce to you a good one. That called WordPress Printshop Website Templates with Online Design Package. In short, this is a WordPress theme which fully responsive to mobile devices and you can use it for multipurpose of business. With a powerful (online) design tool that integrated with this theme, your customers can edit or create/design the new products directly on your site.

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