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Search For Ecommerce Website: What We Need?

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Search is an important function for every website. Using search feature is the way help visitors can find the information or the products that they want quickly. For websites with the huge amount of information like the e-commerce websites, instead of using the menus or categories, use the search feature to find a product that will help customers save a lot of time. If you want to have a really good ecommerce website, the search is a function that you should pay attention.

So, there are some things about the search for ecommerce that I think it is essential for an e-commerce site. Let’s find out more in this article.

Search Bar Should Appear On Every Page

Convenience is one of the top priorities in an e-commerce site, so the search bar should appear on every page. This will help customers can easily to search anytime they want. The vicinity of the main menu or title bar is a good place for your Search Bar.

Analyze Your Customers Searches

This is important to understand the value of tracking your customers search patterns. If use it reasonable, the search behavior analysis of customers is a great way for you to know the tastes, trends and needs of the customer without having to have a survey.

Support Search Out-with Products

There are many websites which do not support this common pattern of search as developers simply assume that customers will only search for products. So we should allow the search to encompass policies and services beside products.

Accept Synonyms, Variants and Spelling Errors

Normally, customers have different search habits and make mistakes about synonyms, variants, and spelling errors is very popular. If your database and search function are robust enough to adapt and work out what the customer really means then it will bring enormous efficiency.

Display Results Correctly

When customers using the search feature, they always want they can find the info, products, etc… which they want as quickly as possible. Therefore, giving the most accurate result for customers is very important. While customers can find the products they want quickly and correctly, that means the opportunity to sell your products is much higher.

Using Suggestion and Auto-Complete

An essential feature for any website, this feature will help users can search faster and more accurate. Suggestions and auto-complete helps customers a lot when they do not remember the exact name of the product they want.

How To Improve Search For Ecommerce Website?

If you use Virtuemart for your ecommerce site, 2 extensions below are the good idea which helps you to build a strong search function for your site.

  • Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro
    The module will help your shoppers to easily find the products based on Keyword Search. With Ajax empowered technology, visitors do not have to wait for the whole Virtuemart page to reload to see their search results. They just need to type 3 characters of a keyword and results will be beautifully displayed together with an image thumbnail and the price.
    You can set a number of search results in case you have many products for the same keywords.
  • Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search
    With the Virtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search Module, the client can enter the keyword or select specific categories to search keyword. The extension will show you a list of suggestion or show no results if there aren’t any matches.
    Instant keyword Search module gives results when users type keywords and match any name of products, idea of product description or category name
    Instead of searching with a large scale, clients can select the specific categories that are shown in a drop-down list. The extension can be easily customized to have the best position on your page.