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Remove Friction of Checkout Process to Increase Conversions

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Selling products is the goal of all e-commerce retailers. To reach your goals, you need to remove many obstacles on the way to make customers finish their purchases. You will have quite a few tasks to complete to change the status of customers from “Want” to “Buy”. So, reducing friction in the buying process is important. Selling products is the main goal, but you also want those customers to come back? Normally, the return customers will not come back if don’t have the reasons. They need a prodding, that’s why you should use the time you have to gather as much information as you can.

New customers may not give you much to work with. You may know some information like what they’ve searched, where they spent more time on site or there are products they wanted but ultimately didn’t buy, etc… But, if you can’t contact them, how you can convince them to buy later?

So, it’s the time that the registration becomes invaluable. There is a problem here, that’s 86% of shoppers don’t want to stop their purchase long enough to sign in to your website and fill out a million forms. But don’t worry; this article will give you some possible solutions.

Optional Registration

There is a fact that 58.1% of customers won’t make it past the registration form. For those who are already a member, most of them still not want to take the time to sign in because that requires remembering username/email addresses and passwords. If you forcing them to register and log-in, you will put one more step between “want” and “buy”.

You can reduce friction by making every experience a guest checkout experience. You can use one line at the top of the page that offers the opportunity to register or log-in. If they don’t want, they can buy and be on their merry way.

One page checkout, as the name shows such carts occupy just a single page, has faster checkout time, anonymous checkout option, and reduced cart abandonment.

Social Login

The social login option is not a strange thing, there are many e-commerce businesses integrated social login into their sites. The benefits of social login are amazing. With social login, customers just need one click to register/login and continue to complete their purchase quickly. Moreover, social connection means you don’t need to require verification for comments and those comments or reviews will appear in their social feeds. This brings to your social proof, things you can’t buy.

But, besides the benefits, the problem is many customers won’t want to connect Facebook to any of their purchases. When requiring social login, you should consider the loss of privacy.


Everything has pros and cons, guest checkout can help you get more sales immediately but it also deprives you of the information that could lead to future sales. Social login is good to build a relationship with your customers and create social proof but many may forego a purchase to avoid handing over personal information.

So, what you need to do is find a solution that best suits you, if you feel difficult to make your decision. Test both options to get the answer!


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