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Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

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Shopping online is popular in these day. And comes along with online shopping is the shipping thing. Besides quality of product, customers also care about delivery method, if they’re satisfied with your delivery, that’s a plus for your business. With goods that have like short storage life like food, flowers, bakery… dates of delivery play a important role. If they aren’t delivering on time, it means nothing. So if you are a Virtuemart shop owner that business are about food, flowers, bakery, gift… this plugin is designed for you.

  • Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin is a Joomla plugin but works exclusively for Virtuemart. It allows you to set up a delivery date (day/month/year) and delivery time/location for your products. When actived, this plugin will save delivery date/time in Virtuemart’s order database.
  • Next, customers don’t even need to login to the website but they’re still able to choose delivery date and delivery location. This shortcut will save some time for them and I’m sure that they all love simplicity.
  • Shoppers can choose delivery dates, time and locations as they need in a calendar window on the checkout page. Product Delivery Date for Virtuemart 3 makes it very easy to add delivery times and dates.
  • Directly from a time slider, customers can choose delivery time. If they don’t want so, they can fill time in a box instead.
  • After customers have done choosing their most comfortable delivery time and dates, the detailed infomation will be displayed on the email of order confirmation. This feature will make sure that again, shoppers are clear about their delivery.
  • Block dates for annual holidays feature is an updated function of this plugin. Thanks to this, your customers can not select the dates to require your product delivery service so you don’t have to explain with them about delivery things on holidays. Admin can block dates for annual holidays by input a list of blocked dates.
  • Easy enable/disable delivery time is another outstanding feature of this Virtuemart plugin. Administrators are easy to enale/disable delivery time by easily customize it from Admin Panel. Administrators can also see the required delivery dates in customers’ orders and can set up delivery time as a require part in the checkout process.