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Powerful Advanced Virtuemart Invoice Extension

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Virtuemart invoice extension

Nowadays, Invoice is an integral part of sales. It is evidence about purchasing of shop owner and customers. In this time, you can create an invoicing to customers on the computer and the internet. To apply this requirement, we – Cmsmart marketplace has released Advanced Virtuemart Invoice extension which Virtuemart Invoice extension is used only in the admin panel, it brings to you benefits for orders, invoices, statistics and valuation rate of products and stores.

Easily Customize Orders:

As soon as your buyer makes payment for your product through the front-end website or telephone, you will receive a request purchasing. The thing you need to do is creating orders to send for the customer. With Advanced Virtuemart Invoice extension, you can make new orders or customize easily just one click. An order has some information such as customer name, shipping payment method, status order… which is filled into an available form with Ajax. After finishing, you can see this order in a table where stored your requirement customers list. Besides, the shop owner can search or filter order with option and update order status quickly by Batch action. Results are returned instantly follow your request. It helps you save time as well as increase work efficiency.

Advanced Invoice Template Customization:

The second feature of Virtuemart Invoice Extension is creating an advanced bill easily. Without any technical knowledge required, the shop owner can create a clear and attractive invoice template by dragging and dropping each of the template fields. You can add, remove or re-arrange these fields into your own invoice template. Furthermore, admin can make many different invoice templates, save to using later. Virtuemart Invoice Extension can create PDF when your order changes to confirm status to help you download to your computer. In addition, this extension allows shoppers sending invoices via email to buyers. You work quickly and easily but in an effective way. Saving time and reducing transportation costs is an amazing thing for your company by this extension.

Switch type of view chart:

Finally, the best thing which is made by Virtuemart Invoice Extension is the statistics and evaluation rate of products and stores via some charts. Through graphs, admin knows:

  • Which products are the best selling following each month or selected period,
  • The number of total orders for the period is shown by status,
  • Country or attributes selected.

Besides, there are different charts that help you choose to have a suitable view of the business. They can change from this chart to another diagram to see different figures. From these charts, the shop owner has an overview of sale condition as well as revenue in each period, and then you will make a marketing plan to increase sales or develop another target.

Advanced Virtuemart Invoice is a really powerful extension, it is necessary for all shops, especially webshops. This extension helps you save time, the cost for your company. It is a useful tool to manage the invoice list, you can do all things on the computer and the internet. To feel all of the features that are brought by Virtuemart Invoice Extension you need to set up into your website. It will make you happy and relaxing.