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Online Booking Solutions for Joomla

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Today, e-commerce in general, the websites that provide online services in particular are increasingly appearing more. The development of online services has helped our lifes more convenient. Today, we can easily shopping, booking or purcharsing throught internet. We do not need go to the store to see and buy product anymore. Instead you just need to visit the website, choose the product you want to buy, pay and that product will be delivered to your home. It’s very convenient right.

Not out of that trend, travel companies and agents selling airline tickets are also very agile when upgrade their sites to meet the needs of users to use booking online services. This will help their customers easily take steps to booking tours or flights through the provider’s website. In the future, the traditional booking methods will gradually be replaced completely by booking online because the outstanding benefits of online booking.

JoomBooking is a company has strived to research, create and develop software products and services that are related to travel booking online field which is one of our outstanding fields including: Tour booking, Bus booking, Flight booking, Hotel booking and Transportation booking. Today, i’ll introduce to you 2 online booking solutions of JoomBooking, these products will help you to build a web for booking tour online and booking flight online. These are:

So let’s see the outstandings features of 2 products

1/  Flight Booking Joomla Component


  • Ticket Agency: provide another solution depend on GDS system such as Amadeus, Sabre… For the ticket agency if they want to connect to airline to get live flight data.
  • GDS: If you are not eligible to connect to GDS, this component provide the FlightStats plugin,which crawls flight schedules from http://www.flightstats.com/ and insert them to flight booking component automatically.
  • Responsive Flight Booking Joomla Component: this feature makes website can work perfect on every devices.
  • Booking Manager: easy to manage booking, you can see all information such as: flight number, destinations, time, payment status and etc.
  • Email Notification System: When customers book a tour online, they will receive an email notification from system with details of the flight. Admin can set-up email system in back-end.
  • Passenger Manager: Passenger Manager allows system to take care their customer. In which, admin can have information of their customers such as name, gender, birthday, passport, and etc.
  • Custom & Order Tracking: Flight Booking Joomla Component allows admin to track customer and their order as well


2/ Tour Booking Joomla Component


  • Nice, clean, responsive layouts to work on any devices (PC, smartphone, tablet…)
  • Flexible pricing & tour availability setting
  • Search and filter setting
  • SEF / SEO optimization: your site has been optimized for SEO to easy get the high rank on search engines.
  • Social Sharing and Integration: connect & sharing easily with 1-click.
  • Full features but easy to use back-end management
  • Search module: Search module is in the component package
  • Tour listing module: Tour listing module is in the component package
  • Slideshow module: Display tour in the slideshow
  • Allow define addon for tour extra services (transfer, sightseeing, room…)
  • Customer can book tour with or without admin
  • Addon management function at backend