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One page checkout, reasons why to choose!

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One-page Checkout

After summarizing the data and results collected from a variety of research about a one-page checkout, we can conclude. The biggest reason why one-page checkout is preferred more and more is the trend called Let’s ask for less and they will buy more. It means that when clients decide to buy your products, your task is simple the checkout process as much as possible. In fact, one-step and multi-step checkout have no difference in terms of the demanded input. However, most online stores assume that the best way to streamline purchases is reducing the number of steps in the checkout. So it leads to the popularity of one step checkouts.

Most of the customers asked to agree that a single-page checkout is faster and makes tough decisions easier and more simple. Just imagining, you are in a supermarket and you bought all the things you want,  you will be attracted more to the shortest checkout lanes or the fastest cashiers. It occurs the same as customers buying online products on your site. When testing, half of the potential customers were directed to a two-page checkout and another half to a single-page checkout. The result revealed that a one-page checkout proved to have a better conversion rate.


While multi pages checkout is still needed with some business owners, a one-page checkout still plays an important role. It takes a solid foothold because It can make the checkout optimization project easier to discuss and implement. We are glad to recommend you a product from Cmsmart called One-page checkout for Virtuemart. We are sure that you will totally satisfied with its quality, the support policy, and reasonable price. Let’s take over some outstanding features that will make you excited.

Product Benefits

– increasing sales revenue even up to 70%.

– Coming with modern and elegant layouts, elegant colors, 8 preset color theme, unlimited to customize the color

– Choosing properly delivery time at the checkout process

– Applying CSS3 to create the checkout of the layout with animation and interactivity and helping a checkout process run smoothly and attractively

– One Step Checkout comes with the word “easy“: easy in integrating and fully compatible with your Virtuemart store, easy in installing, using, customizing and lightweight extension

Do you see that this product is attractive enough? If not, we highly recommend that you can experience it by yourself here. A lot of amazing things will wait for you!