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How to make your products visible with customers?

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With all retailers, makes your products visible with consumers is very important. If consumers do not know about the presence of your products, you will have no chance to sell products.

When people go to an eCommerce store, they will try to find the products that they are looking for. They probably use the search box, navigation through the site menu… If they cannot find the products they want, they will leave and you will lose a customer.

So, website owners should make their products are easy to find and accessible. This is one of many aspects that can impact user experience, nobody wants to spend so much time just searching for a product. In this article, we will talk about how can you improve your site experience and make your products are easy to find.

Site Navigation

Website navigation is very important and there are many factors that can impact the browsing experience of visitors. In order to improve your navigation, all factors of navigation must be studied and you can “experiment” to find the best way for your site. Here are some ideas that can be useful to you:

  • Consider using breadcrumbs which help users know where they are on your site, what store section, category, and subcategory they are.
  • Make sure that all main browsing elements like menus, breadcrumb, and search box… have a certain degree of consistency in the position.
  • If you have a big store with various types of product and the huge number of products, using a mega menu that can help you to arrange your products by the most professional way. With the mega menu, visitors can access to any category or subcategory quickly and accuracy.

Search Function

The search box is the indispensable element with all website, especially with an ecommerce website. When you are in a store with a large catalog and you want to find a product, the search box is where you are expected to see first. So, the search box should be placed in a highly accessible position, where users can catch it easily. And remember that don’t put any similar text boxes nearby the search box because it can make customers distracted and confused. In addition, here are some extra tips to improve searches in your store:

Accept the synonyms, the common typos or possible word variations:

This helps users can find what they are looking for. You also can accept acronyms (Examples: js for javascript, the US for the United States) and correcting typos (“-igth” instead of “-ight”, “-ougt” instead of “-ought”).

Using predicting and auto-complete in searches to help users can enter the search keywords quickly.

This will bring a better experience for users because they don’t have to enter full search terms. Some of the extensions like Ajax search, it will display the suggestion results after user enter a few letters and they just need to choose from among the most probable options. This will save a lot of time while help users to find the most precise terms for what they are looking for.

Arrange results on the basis of their relevance with the keywords that users entered,

But better if it allows the user to rearrange them by other criteria like date of product release, price, etc…

Bring a better search experience for users by offering searches with filtered.

For instance, when users search for “t-shirt”, they will be able to choose displays the results with the filters like color, size, material, etc…

Make the search results become more attractive

With images and descriptions… therefore users can easily find the product that they are looking for.

Purchasing alternatives, recommendations, reminders…

You can improve product findability in a more “passive” way for users. In detail, even when customers do not search for some specific products, they are probably to buy the alternative products which they are viewing, the products they have recently viewed, some related products with the product they have just purchased, or the recommended products, etc…

This makes products are more findability because they don’t need to make an “effort” to find what they want, they can easily to find products that they are interested, which means that customers have a better shopping experience.

Source: brainsins.com