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The simple and effective way to take advantage of social network

Online store owners now are both facing with a big topic that is the development of information technology. Knowing where to start and how to stand out from the thousands of other shops that are competing in current market place is a daunting challenge.

Why store owners have to pay attention to Social networks ?

  • Businesses have definitely realized the power of social media and accepted that social media marketing has to be a part of their marketing and PR mix.
  • Social networks overcome the geographical distance, space and time to help your online store be found by more and more people.
  • The ability to spread and create the effect of crowd of it helps establish a stronger brand.
  • Reality has proven that it is possible to help you increase sales certainty
  • Help you focus on the right audience of potential customers and receive valuable customer feedback right on the Social network.
  • Bring you free advertising: satisfied customers talk about your company, this is the strongest word-of-mouth-marketing.
  • Help you build a community of people who follow and support you, make the connection and interaction with this community. This helps increase brand loyalty from customers.

Some most popular Social network

  • Facebook is still the leading social media network and continues to grow
  • Google+ is now the second largest social network
  • Twitter has more than 60% users log into their account every day
  • YouTube is the most videos sharing and reaches more adults than any cable network.
  • LinkedIn is still the largest professional business network and continues to grow
  • Pinterest is also one of the leading referral sources for organic traffic, which is a good for high search rankings.
  • Instagram topped the list for fastest-growing social network.

What is the simple and effective way to take advantage of social network?

We can confidently say that Joomla Social Tabs Module is the smart solution you are finding. Just integrate module in your site , it allows you to display social networks in the form of sliding tabs in order to so users can see and follow your activity instead of spending time to access to your social page. Some powerful feature bellow can give a boost to your site easily:

  • This module can be applied at both side of web page (right and left) makes it easy to attract the attention of customers. Customers easily find information and articles you post the most recent.
  • Joomla Social Tabs Module combine 11 popular social network such as facebook, twitter, google plus, youtube, linkedin, pinterest, instagram… and display thm either using slide out tabs or static tabs in your page content.
  • Position sliding tabs relative to browser window or within the page content, option to load open for slide out tabs, control order of tabs & select default tab on page load bring more choice for admin in set up process.
  • Thanks to using AJAX, it ensures fast and smoother loading with all social network.

It is so great because the demo is available on the product page of CMSMART. All the things you need to do is download and try the LIVE DEMO version with the enthusiastic support of CMSMART team. Follow this awesome products at link bellow.