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Joomla Social Tabs Module – perfect tool for Joomla Marketing

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It is no doubt that website play an important role in a marketing strategy including business cards, telephone outgoing message, creatives for mailers, posters and flyers. To reach success, let your site become a part of gaining new business and communicating with your existing clients and customers. And it is important that make your website porpular through social media channels. As the online marketing world has evolved and matured. Joomla is a helpful software tools and a terrific platform for organizing an effective marketing campaign. Joomla Marketing can give website owners a staggering results.

Advantage of Joomla Marketing

  • Do Joomla Marketing is an easy and save time way to reach customers thanks to good sets of add-ons which can help you manage your content, deliver messages to potential customers, collect information from them, organize your sales funnel, create landing pages, and even report on your marketing program’s effectiveness.
  • Joomla has lots of great add-ons to help you accomplish built your audience and implemented your marketing strategy, encourage your audience to take the next step by help customer becoming a member on your site, making a purchase, registering for an event, making a donation, etc
  • Joomla Marketing works though wayto build style the entire Joomla website then website user will have a single brand experience throughout all their interactions with your business or organization.
  • Joomla marketing easier because Joomla is a flexible content management platform. It can help you to create content that customer will find compelling, interesting, and informative.

Joomla Social Marketing with Joomla Social Tabs Module


Leveraging the power of content and social media marketing can help elevate your audience and customer base in a dramatic way. Joomla Social Marketing offer a huge potential for social media marketing to increase sales. Simply building your audience in social media can improve conversion rates on your existing traffic. Joomla Social Tabs Module is a real powerful tool for Joomla Marketing:

  • It includes 11 famous social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest, etc. For each social channel you can limit the number of posts to display.
  • Your site’s visitors can view all of your posts and interact with you (like, share, follow, etc.) right on your site without browse another tab to visit your social networking page.
  • Your social tab can be positioned and arranged in two place on your site such as left or right as your choice. It also have ability to display either using slide out tabs or static tabs in your page content. It’s totally save space and flexible.
  • Joomla Social Tabs Module listed out all of social network channel option and what you can do it just insert your page ID and enable or disable any functions you want.

It’s time to take the power of Joomla Social Marketing for your website. Let’s start with Joomla Social Tabs Module for time savings but still earned the highest achievement. Firstly, you can use the demo version at the following link: