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Do Joomla Performance Optimization for Hotel website with Hotel Booking Component

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Nowadays, the hotel business is one of the most attractive and potential field. You should try thinking and considering if customers around the world search for hotel, the first thing they will do is to look for information via internet. A smart manager will build a powerful website to promote the brand and get closer to the customer. So that optimize Joomla performance for your hotel website is one of the most important things in your plan.

Tips to optimize Joomla performance for Hotel Website

There are many ways to do Joomla performance optimization for Hotel website. Bellows are some basic way that we can offer to you.

  1. Loading time can be affected by many things even the internet connection of yours can make a good site load slowly. you should use online tools to check such parameters and find the overall status of your site, analysis in provided in detail and make plan to fix the found issues.
  2. You should optimize your website in mobile because responsive designs are trending now, your website have to display well in most widely used devices: tablet, mobile and well performed in those devices.
  3. Good web host can improve your site speed significantly. Choosing a web hosting that is best suitable with your site demand: web space, monthly traffic, data transfer, backup, database type support, CDN, etc.
  4. Images play an important role in a web site, beautiful images can support and improve content. You can use tools like Adobe Photoshop to reduce image file size, remember not to use large image or add too many images to a single page to avoid slowly loading.
  5. You should understand that some extensions, which are not optimized can slow down your site. So keep your site as light as possible for better performance. It is a simple math, if it is heavy it is bound to take time to load.
  6. Use a smart template or extension with good design is the choice that prevents you from wasting time. They can be integrated great points such as its features, its usability, is it friendly with Search engines etc.


Optimize your hotel website with hotel booking component

As mentioned in above part, use a smart extension will helps you save time and improve your website effectively. Hotel Booking Joomla Component is a smart idea for your website. Joom Hotel booking is a Joomla component that was exactly built for hotel website. Hotel booking component can be flexibly used for different purposes thanks to many great features and nice design. You can’t ignore the benefits that it can bring to your website as bellow:

  • Fully responsive layout
  • Easy customization
  • Manage multiple level of destination
  • Added modules support
  • Automatical email notification system
  • Easily control in backend area
  • Manage customer information
  • Create coupon for promotion and control order list
  • Payment gateways support

Joomla has lot of potential to be optimized for speed and performance. You should improve your website to attract more customers and increase sales faster. Hotel booking component can be a strong tool of your plan. Let’s try and feel its power.