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Joomla Component Overview: Virtuemart vs HikaShop

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Virtuemart & Hikashop are the components for Joomla which can help you to build an ecommerce website. So today, i’ll make a comparison of Virtuemart vs Hikashop.


  • Virtuemart is a free ecommerce solution. Users don’t need to pay fee to use virtuemart but if they want to use 3rd extensions or themes for their site, they should pay money to buy product from developers.
  • Hikashop has some plans available for users; Starter (Free), Essential (€ 49, 95), and Business (€ 99, 90). Same with virtuemart, users can buy extensions from developers and use for their site. But Hikashop already has many features built-in.

Manage products

Virtuemart: users can use the default features from virtuemart or use additional extension to get more features.

  • Control the stock: There is an inventory with stock warning and a virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought).
  • Set up oroducts: The product edit allows you to set different attributes, which are used in the shop logic such as: multiple prices depending on currency, shopper group, amount, etc…, product dimensions (weight, size) or custom attributes.
  • Create any kind of complex product: Custom attributes allow you to add unified descriptions (searchable) for example the author or functions to your product like dropdowns for a selection, or for a text by the shopper. It can be easily extended with extra plugins and can be used for downloads, uploads, meterware, etc…

Hikashop: users can use the feature which hikashop privide (starter plan) such as:

  • Create Products
  • Efficient Product Management
  • Several categories possible for a product
  • Inventory handling
  • Several images possible for a product
  • Badges display on specific products
  • Downloadable files for products
  • Related products
  • Products variants
  • Products options
  • Product files
  • Custom fields for products
  • Manufacturers support
  • Limit product sales by period with various restrictions
  • Waiting list to which users can subsribe for out of stock products
  • Carousel and sliding/fading effects on products listings
  • Comparison system for products
  • Use filters on products listings

Manage Prices

  • Virtuemart: very easy to controlling the products prices. You can use as conditions: categories, shopper groups, time/date, delivery address, manufacturer, extendable by plugins… if you have different vat taxes in the cart and cart ride discount.
  • Hikashop: you can set up product prices in several currencies; manage tax rules, etc… The prices are auto calculated based on currency rates, currency rates will auto update.

Add new features to your shop

  • Virtuemart: adding new features is very easy. Hundred of extensions are available to extend and customize your shop.
  • Hikashop: upgrade to the higher plans to get more features.

Order Administration

  • The default Order Administration feature of VirtueMart is not very good. You can view order information, and generate an invoice, but not much else. The default feature is proprably not enough info for admin but you can easy to improve it by using the extensions. There are a lot of extensions for order management like: Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMartVirtuemart Order Upload Plugin
  • Hikashop has some minimal features which helps store owners can view & managing order informations. It also has a neat report section that shows a graph indicating your sales, sortable by time period. Hikashop allows you to view your orders, which displays essential information, and you can export that information as a CSV file. You can see more info at HERE

Design & display formatting

  • With Virtuemart, almost users always use the virtuemart template to create/build their interface. There are lot virtuemart templates in marketplace. Users can freely to choose the template in the huge collection of Virtuemart. Users can customize their site by using a virtuemart template which allows them to customizing. The site owners can customize the layouts, interfaces, colors, contents, etc… of their site easily in theme settings (back-end).
  • The design of Hikashop isn’t very pretty. At least out of the box it isn’t, and if you don’t know some HTML, CSS, and preferrably some javascript/jQuery, you may be stuck with a bland look on your e-commerce site. Hikashop also has an option to turn on responsive mode to adapt to different screen resolutions. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work very well and requires some tweaking if you want it to work well (checkout is an example). Hikashop’s user also can use the 3rd themes / templates for their sites.

Payment gateways

  • Virtuemart: the payment gateways for Virtuemart are mostly provided by 3rd parties. You can use the extensions to have more choices about payment gateways; they can be free or paid product.
  • Hikashop has a huge selection of payment gateways available to works with. No complaints here – for a full list of them, you can check out their documentation page.

Run a multilingual shop

  • Virtuemart: use the multilanguage features to expand your business globaly. A language fallback system reliefs you from providing a translation for any product.
  • Hikashop: Integrated multilingual content edition (with Falang/JoomFish)


  • Virtuemart: Support for Virtuemart is usually provided on their forum (forum.virtuemart.net) or users can get support directly from developers of 3rd extensions which they use. The user’s community also is where they can discuss and finding answers to solve their problem.
  • Hikashop’s users also will get support from Hikashop forum. But with highly active on their forums, users will receive the answers for their questions quickly.