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Improve Conversion Rates Through Design

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The world of e-commerce is very huge; your business is like a tree in a forest with so many trees. To stand out from the competition, you need to be one of the biggest or the most beautiful trees. To achieve that goal, you need to make your store become perfect, you need to provide the best products, bring the best experience and also present a trustworthy brand for customers.

You may wonder how to do that? My answer is you should take care of your store design first. The site design is the first thing customers see when they visit your store, you may make them impressed right the first moment and moreover, improve the site design also can improve your conversion rates as well.

So, here are some elements of design that I think it can help you:

Product Images

If you have photos of products and want to show them to customers, remember that always use good and high-quality product images. It brings the best user experience to your shoppers, nobody wants to see the poor quality images. The high-quality images will give shoppers the visual look of products at different views and angles.

Moreover, you should:

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions should be detailed and clearly, make sure that you answered all the questions from customers. Normally, you should create the informational tabs to separate information as to not overwhelm shoppers.

Virtuemart provides many possibilities to customizing product information, it allows you can set up custom attributes and even separate attribute sets for different types of products. Shoppers will be more confident to make a purchase if they understand products.

Related Products

Display related products as a way to increase conversion rates and also help to increase the average value of the purchase. You can give them suggestions about products related to the products that they are interested, they will likely to buy the relevant products if those products are useful for them.

Include Media

The advantage of media in business today is undeniable. With the help of images, videos, and other media types, you can help your customers understanding more about your products in a visual way. Using video on your product details page is a great way to introducing your product with shoppers, it will more interesting than the simple text.

Make Navigation Simple

Your navigation should be simple to help the customer can use with ease. Customers will use your navigation and search to find what they are looking for, so look at your store and setting up navigation based on how you organize your products, make everything as clearly as possible.

A simple dropdown menu is easy to understand and good for responsive design. But if you have a lot of products, consider using the advanced search function.

Make Important Information Easy to Find

The important information should be placed where visitors can easily to find and you should display this information on every single page of your site. There is some information that you should pay attention such as Contact, Help or Support, Shipping, and Returns, Location & Hours of work, SSL Certification, etc…