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How To Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment?

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Did you know that 68% (Statistic from Statistic from Baymard) of all ecommerce visitors abandon their shopping cart? According to an ecommerce survey of VWO, there are many factors that why customers abandon their carts like: shipping cost, payment security concerns, poor user experience, etc… if you do not have solutions to reduce the number of customers who abandon their carts, this will directly affect your sales.

So in this article, I would suggest to you some advices which have been compiled from the opinions of experts in the field of e commerce. Hopefully through this article, you can improve your ecommerce website and get the higher revenue in the future.

So, how to reduce shopping cart abandonment?

1/ Don’t force customers to register in order to comple a purchase

  • 14% of shopping cart abandonment happens when there is no guest checkout option.
  • According to research by User Interface Engineering that 75% of people who are forced to register first never complete the purchase.
  • When an ecommerce website removed the register button, the number of customers purchasing increased by 45%.

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2/ Let customers see images of products

  • Provide clear thumbnails for each item in shopping cart of customers.
  • Adding a picture of each item increases conversion rates by 10%.

3/ Let customers edit their carts easily

  • If a shopper makes a mistake or changes his mind, make sure that they can easily to swap, delete and add items or quantities.

4/ Stick to simplicity and clarity

  • Make sure all forms in your site are simple and clear.
  • Make the checkout button stands out from everything else on the page.

5/ Display security logos & trust signals

  • Display the security logos make your customers feel more safety while shopping on your site.
  • Display some trust signals like: About Us page, Privacy policies, social media accounts or customer testimonials, etc… can enhance customer trust.

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6/ Offer multiple payment options

  • Allow customers can choose the payment gateways from different payment options.
  • 83% of online retailers that added a Paypal option saw up to an 18% increase in sales.

7/ Allow customer save their carts

  • Let customers save their cart so they can come back when ready to purchase.
  • Roughly 24% of abandonment occurs when customers want to save products for later but can’t.

8/ Lend a helping hand

  • Provide a chat fuction / live chat or toll-free number right on the checkout page to answer any questions of customers.

9/ Privide free shipping

  • According to Deloitte’s 2013 holiday survey, free shipping was a major factor for respondents to comple online shopping orders (66% shoppers feels more interesting when get a free shipping offer)

10/ Clearly refund policy

  • Customers always feel more trustly with a clearly refund policy.

11/ Track and study

  • Track your site’s rate of cart abandonment.
  • Continually optimize your checkout page.

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