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How To Recover the Abandoned Carts and Customers

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There are many factors that lead to abandon the purchases. In the last article, we talked about how to reduce shopping carts abandonment. But still have another problem that we must pay attention to is how to recover the abandoned carts and customers. If you can do this, you will have the opportunity to increase sales significantly.

So how to encourage the customers who abandoned their cart going back and continue buy products from you? Here are some personal opinions that I think it will help you to do that:

  1. Make it easy to save their cart or wishlist for later

There are many customers who visit your store, but they do not purchase right at that time, especially for those customers who visit for the first time. So, if your website have a feature which allows customers can save their carts or create a wishlist to buy later, that’s very good feature. In order to encourage them to return to purchase, you can send emails to reminding them of their saved items, help them remember the products they wanted and don’t forget to make you seem like a friendly, helpful, trustworthy resource they want to buy from.

  1. Enable retargeting to get their attention again

Did you know that the frequency of times customers see your brand photo/message will impact on decision making purchases? The more often they see your brand messages, the more likely they are to buy from you.

You can enable retargeting to get their attention again. But you should pay special attention to recency – how soon after abandoning your cart the shopper sees your ads – the frequency – how often they see. You should select the appropriate time, parameters to avoid annoying customers. Constantly test and measure to find the ideal mix of recency and frequency.

  1. Create a strong abandonment recovery email marketing campaign

Email is an excellent way to marketing, and it is also a great way if you want to recover the abandoned carts. To carry out a successful campaign, surely you will need to have specific research about the goals and strategies. Here are some things you should keep in mind when implementing an email marketing campaign:

  • Send the first email within 24 hours of cart abandonment
  • Include product info, like images, ratings, and a link to return to the cart
  • Offer personal interaction with a phone number or live chat
  • Consider sweetening the deal with a discount or bonus
  • Remind customers of your guarantee, shipping/return policies, loyalty benefits and other customer satisfaction perks


Please note that the tips above are only the suggestions. With different businesses, there will have different elements (customer, market, etc…). Therefore, you need to test these elements, giving the idea to implement and choose the most optimal way.

Tests and measurements are critical to find out what’s working, what’s not, and make the improvements over older versions. Always be testing is the best way to increase conversions, reduce abandonment rates. Hope that the above suggestions will help you find the most appropriate way to improve your business.