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Free Currency Toolbar for VirtueMart 2

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This is free version of the plugin Currency Toolbar for VirtueMart 2 with no support provided, see our full version of VirtueMart Flexible Currency Toolbar jQuery Plugin with more functionality and support Features

  • Possibly to select currencies to be displayed
  • Possibly to place it on the left or on the right
  • Possibly to show/hide it on small mobile devices

Coming soon Current currency highlighting Notes Use VirtueMart Flexible Currency Toolbar for VirtueMart pages as it’s intended to work with VirtueMart only. So the there’s no sense to show it on pages which have no VirtueMart products. As the plugin uses jQuery be aware of Mootools and the other JS frameworks conflicts. Plugin using: Important:

  • Enable the plugin in the Joomla Plugin Manager
  • Select Menu itmes to show the Virtuemart Currency Toolbar
  • Select currencies to be displayed

Use Styling Options to make the toolbar outstanding Use advanced options:

  • Select Menus to load jQuery for non VirtueMart pages if jQuery is not loaded


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Plugin parameters: