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Download Free VirtueMart Extension from CMSmart MarketPlace

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There are some Virtuemart Extension now are FREE from CMSMART MarketPlace

All of them are paid products but in June 2015 they are FREE. Let check and download right now!

1/ Youtube Virtuemart Plugin


Youtube Virtuemart Plugin answers your question on how to embed an Youtube video into a product description page. Even there are some ways to hack Virtuemart core files, or to install another Youtube plugin, none of solutions save your time or help you update an Youtube video on your site easily.

For this Youtube plugin Virtuemart extension, all you need to to is to install the plugin normally like a Joomla plugin then simply copy and paste a Youtube link into a product description. It doesn’t require you to be hacking. The Virtuemart extension is compatible with all Virtuemart versions and works in custom fields of Virtuemart version 2.x.x


2/ Virtuemart Horizontal Log-In Module


This is another improvement from Netbase team to supply back to Virtuemart community a excellent horizontal login module for Virtuemart.

Horizontal login is so beneficial for customers that they can login at any time, any where they want without go to login page. Your customers will feel very satisfactory with the experience. Your site will make a positive point

download3/ Virtuemart Manufacturer Module


Virtuemart Manufacturer Module is compatible with Virtuemart Version 2.x.x and Joomla 2.5. The module will help you show manufacturers with their beautiful logo thumbnails, brand name and a number of products.

The module is very flexible to use in many situations with options below:

  • Show logo on/off
  • Width & heighth of logo thumbnails can be set default in Virtuemart admin panel
  • Logo is always hyperlinks to manufacturer browser pages
  • Show manufacturer names on/off
  • Products display on/off
  • List of manufactures based on names / random
  • Limit a number of Manufacturers
  • Numbers of column (numbers of manufacturer per row)


You can download more FREE PRODUCTS on CMSMART MarketPlace this link bellow: