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Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMart

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VirtueMart as we knew, this is a free ecommerce solution for the ecommerce website which runs based on Joomla. Virtuemart support us very much, we can create an e-commerce website, an online store in just a few simple installation steps. That is why despite Virtuemart was born long time ago but today it is still remains as one of the most popular platform for ecommerce website.

Virtuemart still being developed, continuously improved and upgraded to newer versions conform to the growing trend of technology. Virtuemart is now basically complete functions; the default feature can ensure that your website can perform well. However, the business is growing and the number of customers using e-commerce is also increasing day by day then the website owners also need to upgrade the more powerful features to their website to ensure that their site can always work stably. With Virtuemart, when you want to use special features which the default features can not be provided, you should use the extension to upgrade those features for your site.

If you have an online store and the number of customer / order are growing more and more, the management of these order will become more difficult. It’s time when you need the help of an extension can help you manage the information of the order by the most convenient way. Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMart is exactly an extension which you need.


What is Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMart?

In brief: Customized Order Number Plugin is an advanced plugin which especially allows you to flexibly change order number. You can create a prefix of an order that doesn’t need to use date format, or select date format. Even it allows you to set up number of positions with the fixed length of numbers as you want.

4 advantages of Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMart you should know.

1/ Show list of orders on front-end

  • To know more information of any order number, very easy that you just need to click on any order number which display on order number list in front-end. You will save a lot of time when you want to check order info, no need to go to back-end anymore.

2/ Order plugin parameters

  • You can easily customize an order number in back-end, just set-up for necessary fields such as: Use date format, Use two numbers, Use prefix , Prefix separator, Use custom separator and Number of position.

3/ Order number listing page in back-end

  • In the back-end you can also see all the information about order number; you will see some infomartions like: Name, email, payment method, etc. And of course, you have full control on order number page.

4/ Simple installation process

  • You can install this plugin easily. Full document / user guide are available for you.

In addition to 4 features above, this Customized Order Number Plugin for VirtueMart also has many more great features which helps you can controlling your order numbers of your store by the easiest way. Moreover, with 6 months free support & upgrade you will always feel satisfied when using this product.