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Choose the smart choice for Virtuemart Ecommerce Website with Store Manager Extension for VirtueMart

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Why you should have Virtuemart Ecommerce website

  • Virtuemart is currently the most powerful eCommerce development platform. This open-source platform supports PHP and MySQL. Though it cannot be used alone and require a framework, but the features offered are extremely amazing. Whether you want to get some specific functions added or removed, Virtuemart component is the best way to do it. With the help of Virtuemart plugin we are able to develop very secure, manageable, search engine friendly e-commerce solutions for our clients. The time and cost of the development are considerably reduced when we use Virtuemart component.
  • Having your own Virtuemart eCommerce site will give you total control to finalize the overall look of your site and you can change it anytime you want. You can make frequent changes to your site if you want to add any functionality that will prove helpful for your business. Briefly, you can experiment everything and anything on your site. Moreover, you can experiment more SEO possibilities on your back end and front end site as well.
  • You will solely enjoy your page and will proudly display your products and services without distraction from your competitors. Virtuemart ecommerce website surely makes the website look thoroughly sophisticated, easy to access and search engine friendly.
  • You will get special attention from the media and customers- Your site will appear in the media, in front of customers if it is designed perfectly. The customers will also find it easier to make reference to their friends and family about your site as there will be no confusion over your brand.
  • VirtueMart supports a wide range of currencies as also multiple languages to make it convenient for any prospective buyer from any country to understand the product description and pricing. The entire online transactions can be monitored by checking out the statistics – product-wise, by month/year/ day.

Store Manager for VirtueMart Extension


  • Store Manager for VirtueMart is one off the most must-have extension because it will be a powerful tool to maximize data management and help store owners build customer-oriented shop.
  • Now Store Manager for VirtueMart is compatible with VirtueMart 3.0.0, 3.0.2, 3.0.4, 3.0.6
  • New Custom Fields support has been implemented. Now Store Manager for VirtueMart allows to create and manage Custom Fields of Multi Variant (Child Variant), Related Products, Related Category types.
  • It easy to install and configure thanks to you may connect to your store database using different types of connection – direct, bridge, direct through HTTP tunnel. Each of connection types has its advantages and you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
  • You also have ability to add, edit, delete customers and their data, track customers’ orders, filter customers by time period or ordered products.

Any there are many strong features that are waiting your experience. You can find more details about Store Manager for VirtueMart Extension with ease on CMSMART market place. Let’s try the demo before install.