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Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin

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Introduce Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin.

If you are a Virtuemart shop owner and you want to know “How to attach files on Virtuemart products details pages”. This extension will help to make it real. You just need to install the plugin normally, enable it then you can attach files into your Virtuemart products, no need to do anything else.

Attachment for Virtuemart Product


Attach the unlimited number of files.
Administrators can attach an unlimited number of files on the product details page.
Download attachment files.
Virtuemart shoppers can download attachments.
Support many types of files.
The attachment can be a user manual in PDF format, or Microsoft Word, or Excel, PNG, JPEG, Zip and Media files ( Mp3, Mp4).
Upload multiple files at once.
You can upload multiple files at the same time by only one click.

The above is introduce about Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin. I hope my post brought many exciting things for you. If you have any questions, feel free to feedback here. I and colleagues are willing to support you.

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