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Analyzing the fall of Joomla market

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There are three main reasons leading to the dramatical fall of Joomla market share, including target audience, positioning, and politics.

1. Target audience

When I started developing, I built two sites, one with WordPress and another with Joomla. With WordPress, sometimes, I found that I had to deal with some weird function and finally, I decided to stop  WordPress projects. The reason was WordPress did not have the infrastructure for building as Joomla. However, at the position of the audience, of course, you will love WordPress more than Joomla. Why? WordPress is a blogging platform and appeared at the right time when blogging was considered as the most crucial marketing activity for almost online shop owners, which Joomla could not do. Besides, another reason that is not related to the technical aspect is WordPress has had a small army of marketers for several years. So, I am not too surprised when I meet some people and they say they love WordPress more than Joomla and cannot explain why.

2. Positioning

In fact, from my point of view, Joomla seems not to have a real position. In the past few years, it was usually considered a middle solution. I said that because it is not as easy as WordPress but not as difficult as Drupal. I don’t mean that it is terrible but users, who are usually shop owners will not see it as the first choice and some professionals will not choose it because it is not challenging and professional enough. That’s the most outstanding characteristic of the middle solution. Therefore, the position will play an important role because it will be the factor that drives the decisions in this complex world. If someone just cares about security, Joomla is always the best choice, it is always in the highest position.

3. Politics

Joomla is community driven, of course, it will come with both advantages and disadvantages. And one of the advantages is in the contribution. There will be the case with Machiavellian tactics, contributors can drive out others who disagree with their opinions. I saw a lot of talented, and generous people leave the community after being subjected to power games.

Down but not Out

I am not too optimistic to affirm like that because the Joomla market is still very large. We have consistently grown every year except for the one when I developed debilitating tendinitis. A lot of experts believe that Joomla will still be a strong bet for the next 5 years:

  • Joomla quickly approaches mobile segmentation, the core team of Joomla has done a wonderful job of listening to the community and consistently advance the capabilities of the application.
  • From the data collected by BuiltWith data, Joomla continues growing and it is stealing users of WordPress.
  • In 2015, Joomla was voted to be the best free CMS. Joomla had gone a long journey, it has been improved step by step through each version release with functions such as drag and drop, content versioning, PHP 7 support, etc. Moreover, with the reputation, the stable foothold Joomla had built from its first start, I believe that it will be never out.