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Amazing Free Joomla Content Sharing Extension

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The Benefits of Using Joomla Content Sharing

  • Joomla has a fantastic template based system for designs. Designs can easily be installed and switched between at ease. You can choose from thousands of designs to use easily. Joomla is built in such a way to easily create or change designs for developers to do, also reduce cost to have a bespoke built website.
  • In a developmental community which includes thousands of people, Joomla content sharing can be the most powerful tool instead of a simple brochure website.
  • Joomla is a Free open source software, so that more people will use their software with the purpose of donations, support, hosting and advertising. Base on it, joomla content sharing will reach more people and be more effective.
  • Joomla updates and new versions are released often thanks to its continuous development and improvement process. This ensures that the joomla content sharing has high quality with bug fixes, security patches and extra features added often.
  • Open source software means the code is open, so developers can access the code and change it. This means if the system needs to be changed to work how the website owner wants it to work for joomla content sharing.
  • With Joomla content sharing, content is organised into Sections and Categories. The site can also be configured to show the Latest News page title someone on the site such as the home page. So when adding a new Latest News page the page summary and title will appear automatically in the Latest News listing. It means website owners don’t have to then go and add links to this pages in other areas of the site, it will automatically appear.

Apptha – HD Video Share


This is a very good product with an excellent support team. Apptha – HD Video Share can have ability to create a video sharing website with member subscription, video import, live streaming and much more features.

Support to Customers

  • They can add YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Daily Motion videos and embed code videos from other sites
  • Customer will be supported HTML5 to play videos in mobile devices, supported RTL and Rich Snippet
  • Powered with responsive design for offering splendid user experience of your site across different devices with absolute quality
  • They have option to add user ratings, report or comments for videos
  • Customer can share your video link through social networking with ease

Support to admins

  • Admin can limit the number of related videos to be displayed inside the player
  • Admin can enable or disable RSS feed icon along with Social Icons in video detail page
  • Option to enable or disable Video Player in Homepage, Category page
  • Option to restrict upload methods for users
  • Have 3 free add-ons for: Comment section, enabling articles with videos and synchronizing HD Video share with JomSocial.

As one user commented that “This extension is perfect for creating a personal video gallery. However I wont suggest it for commercial purposes”. You should try it for your website right now. Let’s download Apptha – HD Video Share for FREE at: