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Advanced Virtuemart Invoices extension

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Virtuemart is the leading Joomla eCommerce platform, and we have to write a long list to mention its powerful functions. However, one of its weakness is the Order Management which doesn’t support Invoice Creation, Batch Invoice Generation, Admin Order Creation…

Many Virtuemart shop owners feel exhausted when they receive an offline order via phones and emails but they can’t find a way to create an order and issue a PDF invoice for clients. Updating the invoice layout is also not possible for them. Now using Virtuemart Order Management from Cmsmart.net, the above problems will come to the past.

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices extension

Highlight Features

  • Add statistic function
  • Create new orders in admin panel
  • Search or filter orders (optional)
  • Create PDF invoices IN BATCH for many orders
  • Create PDF invoices IN BATCH for many orders by one click.
  • Advanced Invoice Template Customizations

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