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Advanced Virtuemart Invoices from CMSMART MarketPlace

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Advanced Virtuemart Invoices is an extension that can help you create Virtuemart orders, issues PDF invoices, change invoice layouts…quickly and easily inside Virtuemart Admin panel.

Virtuemart is the leading Joomla eCommerce platform, and we have to write a long list to mention its powerful functions. However, one of its weakness is the Order Management which doesn’t support Invoice Creation, Batch Invoice Generation, Admin Order Creation…

Many Virtuemart shop owners feel exhausted when they receive an offline order via phones and emails but they can’t find a way to create an order and issue a PDF invoice for clients. Updating the invoice layout is also not possible for them. Now using Advanced Virtuemart Invoices from Cmsmart.net, the above problems will come to the past.
Back-end DEMO

To see back-end , please go to Administration and log-in as below:

– Username: demo

– Password: demo123456






  • This area page with icons which show out for shoppers to know statistics and eveluation rate of their products and stores
  • View order status in intervals via pies

    View data for any period you choose, by selecting start and end dates, or by selecting one of the preset filters: ‘Pendding’, ‘Cancel’, ‘Refund’, ‘Confirm’.

  • You may sort total orders in countries

    With sort function, you can quickly sort out increasing or decreasing all statistics of orders follow countries if wanted .

  • Monthly Revenue Report via a chart

    This function of chart , it is very clear for you to show and view monthly exact revenue statistics of products and order

  • Report top 5 bought products

    All best selling statistics rates in top 5 ranking will be shown out under 2 forms of gragh

  • Filter orders in the selected period

    You just need to fill the specified time or full time into calendar symbol to show out needed datas

  • Create a new Virtuemart order from Virtuemart admin panel

    To be developed as a Virtuemart add-on, 100% compatible with Virtuemart core menu to simplify the usage (other same types of products are separate components which are difficult to use)

  • Manually or automatically create PDF invoices

    Manually or automatically create PDF invoices, send an email invoice to buyer. Choose PDF invoices with many options
    + Send an email invoice to buyer automatically
    + Create an invoice number automatically
    + Create a PDF invoice for orders which haven’t had a PDF invoice or issue orders which has already had a PDF invoice

  • Batch invoices downloads

    Batch download invoices. You can download all PDF invoices to your computer at the same time. Also you can delete current invoices

  • Advanced Invoice Template Customizations

    Editing any template is extremely easy. You can drag fields, re-arrange or remove them from your own invoice template.
    + Drag and drop each of template fields to add or remove or re-arrange these fields into your own invoice template
    + Edit each of fields’ elements (font size, width, align, text color, background color) inside the template editor
    + Interface user friendly
    + 100% a Virtuemart Extension, no Virtuemart hacks!
    + Send a PDF Invoice like an e-mail attachment
    + Export a invoices list in the PDF document format

See full Features of Advanced Virtuemart Invoices at: