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Advanced Invoices Virtuemart Extension

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Globalization has changed the ways people operate their business and online shopping becomes more and more popular. Virtuemart is known as one of the most powerful and effective tool support for shop owners. However, one of its weaknesses is the Order Management which doesn’t support an Invoice Creation or Batch Invoices Generation.  This problem makes users difficult when they receive an offline order via phones and emails but they can’t find a way to create an order and issue a PDF invoice for clients. To help you deal with this issue, Advanced Invoices Virtuemart Extension is created to support your business, printing invoices by traditional way is only in the past.

Let’s have a look at its hottest features and benefits of Advanced Invoices Virtuemart Extension


  • Creating a new Virtuemart order from Virtuemart admin panel
  • Batch download invoices: allowing to download all PDF invoices at the same time or delete current invoices.
  • Sending invoices to customers through email.
  • A list of options enable users to search or filter orders
  • Advanced Invoice Template Customizations with Interface user friendly and 100% a Virtuemart Extension, no Virtuemart hacks. This feature helps drag, re-arrange or remove fields from your own invoice template.
  • Ading statistic functions
  • Quickly updating order status
  • Automatically creating PDF invoices


  • When filling any orders, an email and an invoice will be created and sent to them automatically; customers just need to check for sure.
  • Availability of viewing products list and their information
  • Customers can place orders and receive invoices with any kind of browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari


  • Saving  a lot of time for process like: transforming e-commerce orders into invoices or viewing orders and invoices
  • Processing multi order at the same time.
  • You can adjust invoice appearances with available custom fields. Just enter the updated contents; the system will automatically recalculate the price.
  • The system will update your data and information frequently; therefore, it can improve your business workflow on a daily basis.
  • Increasing the speed of interaction between customers and sellers

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