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4 Top VirtueMart Shipping Components

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Virtuemart offers a range of choices for owners when it comes to shipment extensions. This article will review the top 4 Virtuemart shipping components that are simple, easy-to-use and work excellently.

1/ Shipping by rules

Shipping by rules is developed by Open Tools, which you can access its demo at http://demo.open-tools.net. Shipping by rules is an simple and easy-to-use extension that allows shop owner to determine shipping costs based on the equalities and inequalities (<, <=, !=, ==, >=, >) of the order properties (weight, number of articles, postal code, order amount). Shop owners can easily program their own rules using a line of text with easy structure to follow. The shipping cost varies depending on:

  • Total amount of the order
  • Total weight of the order
  • Volume or minimal and maximal extensions of the products
  • Postal code of the delivery address

Simplicity and excellency

According to the reviews on Joomla for Virtuemart Shipping components, Shipping by rules is simple and works very well. The installation is quick and easy, shipping system is excellent and customised for each and every website. ‘This little plugin created by a mathematician is the most complete shipping plugin available for Virtuemart 2. It saved us from hours of work. You can configure all your shipping rates in just one screen and per zones in a really well though distribution’ Willow said.

2/ Advanced shipping by rules

This Virtuemart shipping component is also developed by Open Tools with access to demo at http://demo.open-tools.net. It works exactly the same as Shipping by rules, except that it caters particular needs such as shipping price based on weight or coupons.


It allows cargo companies to charge the shipping per kg cheaper the more customers ship. Also, Advance shipping by rules adds a check for coupon code that determines a special shipping cost.

3/ UPS shipping extension

This Virtuemart shipping component is developed by Park Beach Systems, Inc, of which demo you can access at http://www.parkbeachsystems.com/products/virtuemart-ups-shipping. It is the integration between Virtuemart and UPS(United Parcel Service). Virtuemart UPS shipping extension allows shipping fee calculation based on UPS real-time standard shipping rates. Each of UPS shipping method can be configured with shipping name, description, tax rate, handling fee and conditioning, which are country, zip code, order amount and shopper group.


United Parcel Service is the most popular shipment and logistics companies in the world. According to Statisticbrain, number of customers that use UPS daily reaches 7.9 million while the total number of people in United States employed by UPS is 348,400. This popularity guarantees the reliability of UPS.


UPS shipping extension is set at a higher price compared to shipping by rules. That maybe the only drawback, other than that, the installation and management are straightforward and easy.

4/ USPS shipping extension

This Virtuemart shipping component works pretty much the same as UPS, except for the fact that it is the independent postal services of United States government. It is also developed by Park Beach Systems, Inc with access to its demo at http://www.parkbeachsystems.com/products/virtuemart-usps-shipping


In general, there is nothing mysterious about USPS. All the steps are very straightforward and the plugin works well. USPS also provides extra services including Registered Mail, Insurance, Return Receipt.


USPS sale price is higher than UPS.

Above are the reviews for the top 4 Virtuemart shipping components. All of them are simple to install and easy to use. Moreover, there are always professional teams of customer service that are willing to help you every step of the way.